Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Pitbulls are lovable dogs, but there are also those who don’t like and don’t accept this breed. In today’s society, this breed is one of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs. In media, pitbulls are portrayed as mean, scary, killers involved in attacks and incidents. Many pitbull owners are criticized because of owning this breed. People are informed by media, and media is disriminating this breed. When other breeds get involved in attacks, we can read titles such as ”a dog killed a women”. Many other dogs, are more likely to bite or attack than pitbulls.

Chihuahuas have attacked more people than pitbulls. We don’t see Chihuahuas as mean, and scary baby killers because they are tiny and cute but in fact they can be aggressive and snap off easily. Pitbulls are muscular, strong and powerful dogs. They shouldn’t be judged by individual dogs behavior. Breeders and owners are to be blamed. If any dog is trained properly, there is little chance that it will attack or bite. Many pitbull owners will tell you, that pitbulls are perfect family dogs. They give uncoditional love and are great with kids.

Pitbulls are very loyal so that’s why they make excellent guard dogs. Their endless energy will always keep it’s owner running and playing around. This breed will do anything and everything to please it’s owner. Pitbulls are highly demanded dogs because they are perfectly built and have a muscular and powerful appearance. They appear tough and strong, but inside they are sensitive and affectionate dogs. Too bad, some of these dogs end up owned by bad owners.

There are so many pitbulls that have been abused and used for dog fighting or bred to produce more fighting pitbulls and they really don't want to fight. They want to love and be loved. After they have been torn to threads and left with scars on their bodies and in their minds, they are usually left to die.Usually are damaged for life and have to be put down because of the uncaring dog fighting rings.

 I am an avid fan of the TV programs, Pitbulls and Parolees as well as Pit Boss and Dog Town . If I was a multi-millionaire I would open the largest rescue center in the world.

I will be creating some altered tins with a pitbull theme in my Etsy Shop soon. 10% of the proceeds of my sales will go to the pitbull rescue centers.

What is your opinion of the Pitbull breed ?


SueAnn Lommler said...

Pitbulls, Dobes and others make me sit up and use caution. But I don't hate the breed. Beautiful dogs

artistamyjo said...

My daughter has 2 Pitbulls, Lulu and fritzie. They are fantastic friends.
I think any time we come across an animal we don't know we should use caution.
In all honesty I trust furry critters more then I do some humans.