Sunday, June 24, 2012


 While I was in Las Vegas last month, on the way back from Hoover Dam we stopped at a park in Boulder City. The mountain goats come down from the hills to cool off.
The one standing on the bench must think he is a person!
 They congregate here and eat the green grass.
Can you see the heard lying in the shade here?
 You can actually walk right up to them and they don't run away
I would be a bit cautious if I had a child though since some of these goats have some pretty bit horns.
Some have been tagged and they are protected. I think they know this because they are very laid back and just go about their business of eating and resting


Lynn Stevens said...

WOW thats pretty cool that you can go right up to them!

Ann said...

who cool is that!!
i think its great that they are safe enough there to relax and enjoy themselves!!..they do look as if they own the park!!

DeeDee said...

I love the one on the bench... so cute.. very cool they are so relaxed there..

I love the music on your blog... I wanna just let it play.... and play...