Monday, May 7, 2012



The theme for Digital Whisper ATC Swap this month is Harlequin.
This is my latest creation for that swap.

I think summer has finally arrived here in Coos Bay Oregon.
The sun is shinning and has been for four days without rain or clouds.
I mowed my grass and worked in my yard planting bulbs and seeds and just puttering around all day Saturday.

It is strange how the weather affects ones mood. I feel full of energy and happy. I might even take a chance and wash the car this week!
I need to do some house cleaning but missed spring here so I guess it will be summer house cleaning. Closets, drawers, tops of tall furniture, ceilings and ceiling fans, silk flowers and blinds. 

I am getting ready to go to Las Vegas in three weeks to meet up with my oldest Son and visit my granddaughters and great granddaughter. Then we are driving to Temecula, CA to attend my youngest Son's graduation from Seminary. This has been his life's dream and after years of hard work and dedication he will graduate. Then the suspension will begin as we wait to see what church will call him to pastor. It might be far away or it might be in the same state. He won't know until they call. He has several on the list waiting for him to graduate. The one he is most interested in is in West Virginia. That is far far away but I will just have to plan a trip to where ever he is because I will miss him too much. 

As one of the administrators of Digital Whisper I have been asked to create a page for a magazine we are publishing. It will be an article titled "What is an ATC"? I also did an interview with one of the DW artists for the magazine. I must say it was a challenge because I do not know anything about a "clipping mask" in Photoshop and the corners of the pages had to be rounded. I still don't know if I get it but it is complete and ready for publication in June. I have been asked to create the magazine cover for the next issue coming out in the Fall. I love Digital Whisper because there I am always learning.

So that is what has been going on around here. What have you been up to?
Have a wonderful Summer!



Linsart said...

Love your work too, Patti ! You do such an amazing job with layers and colors of choice !
Love, Lin

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Wow haven't been around for awhile since I have been having troubles with my photos and computer. You have been busy. Great work. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Looks nice Patti! Sounds like Digital Whispers keeps you learning, that's great. I have looked at and am very impressed.

Junibears said...

Hello dear Patti, I haven't visited in a while but I've had a browse through your recent posts! Love your Simple Elegance pictures.

We've had so much wet weather here we shall all soon have webbed feet!
I bet you are so proud of your son! Wonderful news. America is such a vast country it must be so difficult when your family members are so far away. I am so lucky, mine are all quite close.

I used to visit Whispers every day but it seems to have grown so huge I couldn't keep up with it all. So I only visit rarely.
I do keep up with several challenges and I hae a large Flickr site that keeps me busy.

Keep well dear,
Love and Hugs...June xx

SueAnn Lommler said...

Congrats on the magazine cover...that is super.
And congrats to your son.
That is quite an awesome feat!
Good for him and I hope he gets the assignment he is hoping for.