Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feeling Down Today

Do you ever have those days when you feel down, kind of lost?
This is one of those days.


Hope I snap out of it soon. I don't like feeling down.
Maybe it is because today is the first day of spring and it is still raining and cold and we are expecting snow tomorrow. Maybe it is because I miss my family. Just one of those feel sorry for myself days. It sucks !


BECKY said...

Patricia, I SO understand! Sometimes I just am really down, and for no particular reason. I'm usually so cheerful, so that when I am down...I'm REALLY down! And the weather does that to me, too. Normally by the end of March, I'm really depressed, but this year has been so (wonderfully) strange! Warm, sunny, etc. Sorry to say that, because I know you're not having that kind of weather right now. Hang in there. I'm sending hugs and warm breezes!

brenda Salzano said...

yuppers, I have them every now and then. I was that want his morning, then made myself go to the mall and walk fast for exercise 40 min. I feel lots better!! Then I watched baby corgi puppies on tube for laughter. Hahahah, Hang in there, we need to see each other more often girl friend! HUGS

artistamyjo said...

I think it's good for the soul and health to have those down & reflective days. It makes you appreciate who you are and what you have in life. We all need that now and then.

Pellie / Penny said...

Cold rainy weather is always good for bringing on a bit of the melancholy, hope you get to your cheerful place soon.


SueAnn said...

This crazy weather will surely bring anyone down, Hope the sun comes out and brings you a nice big smile.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I have many days like that but thank goodness they do go away. I miss all the commotion that was always going on when our grands were little. They are so busy now we don't get to see them much. Gloomy weather sure does not help that's for sure.

Junibears said...

Good morning dearest Patti! Well I surely know how that feels! I think us girls are made that way, we get lost in thoughts that can easily turn sad. At least you made a gorgeous collage so I hope you feel brighter real soon dear!
Your previous post about the man making those pics with just a typewriter, my goodness, he was brilliant! You always find such interesting things to write about.
I can only make pictures and I think people must get bored with them. Sigh!
Never mind, they take me away from pain and into a better place! LOL!
Big Hugs and smiles dear Patti!xxxxx

Ineke van den Akker said...

Hallo Patti,
I hope you are feeling better now. Springtime is coming.
Greetings from Holland,
with love,

Ineke van den Akker said...

Thanks, Patti, for visiting my blog. There is an translator. You can translate it in Dutch.
with love from Holland,

Poetic Artist said...

I pray inspiration for you and joy for you..I pray the Lord will lift you up and give your heart full of joy.

Anonymous said...

I so understand that feeling! That's my norm :( I hope the sun shines soon, that helps some. I hoped to talk my husband into a drive but it's gray here as well, sigh. Big hugs for you Patti!