Sunday, January 15, 2012


This past week I altered some heart shaped tins to put in my Etsy Shop for Valentine's Day.

As promised I tried to take photos as I went (glue on fingers and all) to show you the process.

Preparing to alter. I need wax paper or something to protect my granite top desk, Gesso, Modge Podge to glue and seal with and a jar of water to soak my brushes, oh and lots of paper towels to clean up and dry the brush before using it.

First of all I have to primer with Gesso so that things will stick to the tin.
This my first step. Then I wait for about 30 minute for the Gesso to dry.

I usually do all of the tins I plan to use at the same time.
In this case I altered 4 mini tins also.

I use the primer on all areas I am going to cover with paper.
While the primer is drying I choose which paper I will want to use and then start cutting the pattern out. I just trace around the tin for top, bottom and sides and then cut out all the pieces.

I also cut thicker card stock paper to place on both sides
of the lid to help cover the word "Altoid"

Once I have glued all the paper in place I then seal the paper with the same Modge Podge.

While I am waiting for this to dry I try to choose what design I want and what I will use to embellish the tin.

I usually always cover the inside of the tins.
In this photo you see regular card stock with glitter. These were for the mini tins. I did not cover the inside of the heart shaped boxes

By this time, no matter how hard I try, my desk is a disaster!
boxes, paper, scissors, glue, trim, etc etc etc. It gets pretty scary for awhile!

Once I have decided how I want to embellish my tin I cut the pieces to fit and get out my favorite tacky glue !

Here is the finished product and it only took me all day!
NO really, it usually only takes about an hour if I have no interruptions or lunch breaks for my hubby or potty breaks for my doggies.

The following are all the tins I created in one whole day.
Oh, and I am working on a Steampunk Heart Tin today


Georgie Horn said...

Oh, these tins are lovely! I have the "Once upon a time" paper with the fairy. Come by for a huge giveaway!

Ann said...

these are beautiful!!!!
the brown heart with the lace butterfly is my favorite!!

Best Horse Wormer said...

I love recycling things and turning them into a lovely house decorative...and what you got here really inspires me to do more, create more and to continue of that I have been doing...Thanks for sharing

SueAnn said...

I love your tins! They are all fabulous! And I love seeing your process! So cool!

Junibears said...

Lovely to see all the process in photos Patti. The finished tins are superb! Hugs xx josimi

Healing Woman said...

So beautiful. Hope they all sell fast.

soulbrush said...

this is incredible seeing how you make them, thanks. I love mine.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the lace and all the embellishing you do!

VMware Classes Online said...

My youngest love your blog so much..that she even ask me to buy her some stuffs for her to use in designing her own recycled vase...she stayed long in the house now, busy with her new creations.

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You honestly have the art of making business out of junks. It can change your fortune...

SherryD said...

Patti, these are gorgeous! I've been saving tins to work on but thought you had to sand off the paint first, which is why I never got started. Your discussion of your process has got me looking forward to giving it a try.