Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is amazing how time flys by. The older I get the faster it goes.
Looking back on 2011 I am amazed at all that can happen in one year!

Since retiring to Coos Bay Oregon from Corona California in 2006 I have missed my family so much, especially through the holidays. This year we did not put up a tree or decorate. I was just not in the mood and my thoughts were "why bother?". My middle Son said to me "because it is Christmas!" He is right. Next year I will put up a tree and decorate for Christmas. Even though I have no family here I should do it for me and to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. That is what Christmas is supposed to be all about.

I paid close attention to all the Christmas cards I received this year and I only received two that said Merry Christmas or even mentioned Christ at all. I hate what this country is becoming. How can you take Christ out of Christmas? It is is his birthday weather you believe or not. The man was born and he was real and he does have a birthday. Well that is a sore subject with me so I will leave that for another time.

This past year I have felt heartache and despair with a divorce in my family. I have lost my favorite Aunt but was blessed with a beautiful Great Granddaughter. I saw my first born Granddaughter get married. My youngest Son is in his last year at the seminary where he will graduate with a degree in theology. My oldest Grandson started college this year. My youngest Granddaughter is becoming a young women .

I was fortunate to have my oldest Son and his wife visit me. An old friend also surprised me with a visit. I had not seen her in 16 years. I think my husband was ready to run away by the time she went home. We talked so much our throats were sore and so were his ears! Can you imagine trying to catch up for 16 years? It was funny trying to fit it all in.

My husband has leukemia/lymphoma and this past year his days were full of tests. Blood tests, MRI's, biopsy's, doctor visits and many trips to the pharmacy. He is at a stage that is "watch and wait, no treatment necessary". He recently had three swollen lymph nodes under his arm which one was removed for biopsy and showed nothing new. This is in addition to his chronic renal failure, enlarged prostate, chronic sinus infection, high blood pressure and two cataract surgeries. He has glaucoma in both eyes and has lost 90% of his vision in one eye. The cataract surgery has improved his vision so this is a good thing. Hopefully this next year will be a better one for him.

I have achieved some goals this past year. I finally reached my weight loss goal with the help of Zumba exercise and walking . I opened a new Etsy Shop Dec 2011 to sell my altered tin boxes, cigar boxes and altered jars. Most of my boxes are covered with my art work. The shop has done pretty good for the first year.

I was ask to design a month for a calendar book put together by Digital Whisper, a network I am a member of. I picked the month of June and that artwork and design was published in a desk calendar book for 2012.

I was honored when Digital Whisper ask me to be one of the administrators of their network. My job is to interview individual artists each month and post the interviews on the front page each month.This has been a challenge and a lot of fun.

This next year I plan to change some things on my blog. I want it to be interesting and more personal. My moto is "A place to meet wonderful people and share thoughts, ideas and life". I look forward to this new year and what it will bring.

Happy New Year to all of you! Be safe and God Bless you.


Plush Possum Studio said...

Happy New Year to you, my friend! May good news be yours all of 2012!
Peace & Blessings

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you dearest Patti!
I read your entire posting and it is very intersting. Yes, time just keeps going. I wish I could swing from that clock as to hold the arm and make it stop.. just for a few yrs. It is scary!
We are still anticipating our final move to a warmer climate, but I will be in the boat you are in! No family..:-(..
Anywhoo, I am so happy you are doing well, with your boxes and such. I will have a new agenda as well. :-)
Take care of yourself and Hubby too.
Hugs, Darlene

Ann said...

2011 has been a very "full " year for you..wishes for a New Year that brings you what makes you the happiest and fulfilled. Wishes that 2012 keeps your husband well,with no recurrences. May He hear all your prayers my friend!

SueAnn said...

You have a happy new year as well!!
My 2011 was pretty good and I accomplished quite a bit. So I hope a continuation for 2012!!
Hugs dear friend

whymsicalmusings said...

Patty thank you for sharing your year it of triumphs and trials. It was a year of these for myself also. May we both look forward to a New Year to the things that fill our lives with Peace and Joy!

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful post..Glad you shared the bad and good. I hope this year our Lord will hold you close and you will be blessed.

brenda Salzano said...

Happy New YEAR MY FRIEND! Love the new color blue on your blog, and understand your thoughts on last year. I think this year will be the best ever! New goals, new visions of inspirations. I am so glad you are here to share with me whatever life brings Patti! ;-)