Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Tins and a NO NO !

These are made with pieces and parts of old jewelry used as embellishments and decorative paper .
Thought I would try something different and not use a collage.

Heads Up Ladies..........
Yesterday I was notified by Etsy that they had removed 2 of my items for copyright infringement of the Zumba name. The Zumba Legal department sent a notice to Etsy.

The letter stated that these listing(s) incorporate designs,
symbols, language, images, or photographs that infringe upon
the concerned party's copyright or other intellectual property

I had made two tins and decorated them with bright colors and the word zumba on them. That is a no no girls...don't do it.

Here they are.

It is not like I was trying to make millions on the Zumba name.I didn't use the logo or any photos and I didn't even use the same font. In fact the reason I did that is because I love Zumba so much and wanted to make something cute for others that love Zumba. Wasn't trying to get rich by using Zumba's name !

I had to laugh as I read the email. Surely they are not serious. I am sure they were not just targeting my shop as these tins were only listed for 10.00 each and had not sold yet. Now that just might break the Zumba bank right?

These two tins are deleted from my Etsy shop and will be going to my Zumba instructors as GIFTS.

Just wanted to give you heads up. Be careful when creating. I always have been but this bite me in the butt. Actually made me laugh.

Sorry Zumba!

So if I go to prison will you all come see me ?


Ann said...

i'll come see you,write and send books from Amazon!! LOL !!! honest mistake..doesn't seem like you were infringing on copyright laws!

Paxie said...

How ridiculous!!! Yes, sweetie...I'll visit you :)

SueAnn said...

I will visit too!! I'll even bring a cake!! Ha!!
That is silly though!!

Mollye said...

The site is getting so big that they can be very selective and are cracking down. Yours tho,,,such an innocent mistake. Thanks for the heads up. Hugs, Mollye

daisy69778 said...

I saw someone will bring you a cake, then I'll bring you a pie!
I always wanted to visit OR anyway.