Friday, August 26, 2011


For those of you who have been praying for my husband, he more or less has been cleared of any cancer other than his lymphoma/leukemia.

His prostate biopsy is negative. His bone marrow biopsy is negative, his renal doppler showed no cancer, blockages or obstruction in the kidneys. His urine is still showing high levels of protein but that is caused from his high blood pressure which this week is under control ! He saw his E.N.T. today and his sinuses are finally clear with no more infection. He still has to use the nebulizer once or twice a week but if that is what it takes to keep that infection away, have at it!

This has been a really long hard year for him but I think he is finally back on track and feeling better.

He went fishing last week and caught this 28 lb salmon, the first of many this season I am sure.

Thanks to all of you for your continued concern and prayers.

My oldest granddaughter, Melissa who lives in Las Vegas is getting married next Friday and I am leaving on Tuesday to spend a couple of days with her before the wedding. Of course I will also enjoy time with my son, David and his wife Lisa and Melissa's sister, my other granddaughter, Angela. It will be so nice to see them all and of course I am so excited to see Ava June, my great granddaughter. She is 10 months old already and I have not seen her since she was 5 weeks old!

So I will be gone all next week. See you when I get back and I will take many photos to share with you.
Have a wonderful week!


SueAnn said...

Praise the Lord!!! Such a good report!!!
Have fun on your trip and visit.

artistamyjo said...

Patti....So happy for you and your family that hubby is well. You must be so relieved.
Have a wonderful family visit,I'll look forward to the photos.

daisy69778 said...

Praise the Lord is right!
So happy for your GOOD news, HE has blessed you both, and now some sweet time with family.
Enjoy and can't wait to see pictures!

BECKY said...

Fabulous news, Patricia!! Enjoy your trip and being with your lovely family!

Paxie said...

Thank God the Rooster will crow for many many years to come!!

Have a wonderful trip Patti and get lots of hugs!!

Salzanos said...

Great fisherman that hubby of yours, just think, you can live on fish all winter. ;-) Now if he will learn how to teriyaki SMOKE that salmon, I will be right over! So glad he is much better, and that you get to go to a wedding!! Love the picts!

JANN said...

Praising God for all your blessings. So thrilled for your hubby.
Big Hug