Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beef Steak Pie, Chocolate Bread Pudding with Toffee Rum Sauce

This is different for me. I am not a cook but recently my hubby ask me to make a meat pie he had seen on the Food Network.
This is the pie. I made it from scratch! Me, I did it!
I also made his favorite bread pudding with a different kind of twist.
It is a Paula Dean recipe and she used chocolate chips in it and topped it with Toffee Rum Sauce.
You can find these recipe's on the food network site.

I also wanted to thank my other ATC participants Tiffine, Annie and Miranda Rocha. These are their ATC's which I received today.

I seem to have problems getting people to sign up for my swaps but I will keep trying for those like Tiffine, Annie and Miranda who love to swap ATC's.


SueAnn said...

Yummy! That meat pie sounds so good. I will have to look for it.
And I love bread pudding!!
Chocolate huh? Yum!!

Ames said...

We love bread pudding! my neighbor throws banana, coconut and raisens in her's and tops it with a rum sauce. Yikes, I'm going to have to go into the pantry....I'm suddenly hungry for bread pudding and the hubby loves it! :)~Ames