Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Juices are Flowing

I finally got some creative juices. I have had none for over two weeks. I belong to several ATC Swap groups and one of them is ATC's For All. I hadn't posted any mixed media atc's for ages so I put my juices to work and made these and posted them today.

Polk a Dot

Time on my Hands


A Hat made for a Prince's Wedding


Beauty Contest

I thought that if I posted them here on my blog it might inspire some of you to join MY ATC Swap here on Treasure Barn.
The theme is Hats and the deadline to join is the 15th.

Yeah, it did feel good to get out the glue and pencils and create mixed media instead of digital for a change!
Now I am working on a digital collage of a calendar page that will be published through Digital Whisper. I got the month of June!

I created this collage in 2010 and submitted it to the Digital Whisper network and it was published in the Digital Whisper Book in 2010.

I also have some new tins in mind and will be working on them over the weekend.


Healing Woman said...

They are all wonderful. You are so clever with the names you give your digitals too. "Time on my hands" is so nice.

Jeanie Callaghan said...

These are really nice! I have times like that, too. Times when nothing comes to me and I feel like I've just 'lost it.' Then, all of the sudden, I get an idea - then another - and I'm on my way again

artistamyjo said...

Very creative! Don't you think our creative juices need a break now and then, I know mine do. Hugs, Amy

Salzanos said...

YEAH, I have been trying to get a comment over here for days seems like. Blogger was down. Thanks for stopping by to see the blog on fabrics I did today! I found out I can link from my fabric store to the picts on blogger to show how to use the designs. Cool!

BTW, I LOVE that top photo you did. That is sooo darn cute!! Want to come by for A visit on your way to or from zumba some day? Love to have you, we can "hang out". LOL!

slommler said...

Glad we are all back from cyper space!! Ha!!
Your ATC's are fabulous!!

Vickie said...

Nice calendar page Patti. I'm sure it will be a big hit!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Ya Blogger made us all crazy for a few days. Some beautiful work here.
Love the one you did for the Digital Whisper Book.