Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun at the Pottery Place

Last week our Etsy Team decided to do something different so we all went to the local Pottery Place and created something.
This was what I created. The sculpture was ready of course...I could never create the lady bug myself!

So we each chose something to paint and this little girl is what I painted

She looks so cute I just love her.I had my doubts about the blue eyes but they turned out just fine
Cute little behind too huh?
What should I name her?
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Vickie said...

She's so cute! She seems like a miss Beezly to me.

Mya said...

Have you named this newest member?
She is cute.
How nice to have a group to do things like this with. Etsy Team? You all participate in one online Etsy shop?

Salzanos said...

She turned out perfect! And your photos are awesome too!

slommler said...

She is adorable!! Love the colors