Friday, February 25, 2011

I Miss You Mom

Today is the third anniversary of my Mother's passing. I miss her so much.
Wanda June in her 30's
She was such a pretty woman

My Mom in the green blouse and her oldest dearest friend Hilma on Mom's 80th Birthday.

My Mom was a wonderful person. She loved all her family so much. She became a single Mother in her early 30's after my Father passed away at the age of 34. He had a massive heart attach. I was 7 and my brother was 4.

She was a nurse and worked the afternoon shift at Samaritan Hospital so she could be with us in the evening. She had so many stories to tell of her childhood and of how she met my Father on the Marine Base in Pocatello, Idaho. I miss all those stories. My niece Mandy loved those stories and had her tell them over and over and in a few years before she died she recorded all of them as Mom would tell them to her. I thank God she did that. It is so wonderful to listen to her voice and her sense of humor.

I am blessed to have had such a wonderful Mother. She taught me lots of things, things I am just recently realizing. I want so much to tell her she was right about so many things.

Cherish your parents. Listen to them.
They have experience in life even when YOU are all grown up.

Love You Mom. Miss you everyday.


Penny said...

Dear Patti
What a very wonderful and special post.


Poetic Artist said...

What a beautiful post for your love for your Mom. My thoughts are with you.

Mica said...

I couln't imagine losing my mom or you...I miss Gramma Grape too and think of her often...she was a great lady. I have my own little memories of her and I with baby Vinnie...Love you dear Mama!!!! Mica

DeeDee said...

Pat...I hold you in my heart today... I have lost both my parents... those tapes would be so priceless to me....great memories for you... {{{hugs}}}

Salzanos said...

gosh, my husband died at 34 too. Am my kids were 8 and 7 months. You were like my kids, having to grow up without a dad. great post about your mom. They both died about the same time, my dad and your mom. I sure miss my dad too. HUGS

Paxie said...

I know. I miss my Mom terribly and it's been over 7 years. I have yet to watch a video where I actually hear her voice. Guess one day I'll be ready. ((Hugs))

slommler said...

My mom is still with me...and I praise the Lord for her. We walk always and share such a love for Him and family! My dad has been gone 26 years. He too had a massive heart attack. He is surely missed!
Hugging you

Vickie said...

Here's a big hug for you! I remember this picture. Just know we all love you.

Judi said...

Hi Patti
I've been listening to CDs and doing some singing and thinking about and mising my father who will have passed away 4 years ago this June. Then I read your post...*hugs*... I feel for you Patti because I know how you feel. We do miss them everyday...everyday I think of him...everyday. Isn't it wonderful to have beautiful memories though and you have the tapes to listen to. Thats beautiful...*hugs*

Debbie said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman!

Linsart said...

Patti, She is still with you in Spirit. She is now your Guardian Angel, your muse. Love never dies, and since we are matter and energy, energy never dies. Know that she is with you and around you unseen. I know how difficult it is to loose a parent. I lost my Father in 1990 and never a day goes by without my thinking of him ! He is waiting for me somewhere and someplace in time. Hugs to you, sweet sister


~JANN ~ said...

what a touching post you did on your Mom. I found this and thought it might be perfect for your Mom. Hope you like it........

Nothing is lost - not a hair, not a breath!
The lilac that blooms today is made of last year's crumbled leaves and this morning's dew.
It has in it perhaps the breath of a tiger and
minerals that were part of an ancient dinosaur.
The raw materials of that lilac have perhaps spent time in
a seashell, a wagon wheel, a butterfly and a hawk.

How old is this morning's lilac? - And how old are you?
You are as young as the morning, as old as the world,
You are as new as a raindrop, as old as the mountains.
You are forever a part of the world.