Saturday, January 29, 2011

Productive Day

I created this ATC for a swap and I got some things packed and ready to ship out.
Put some things on SALE in my Etsy Shop and We dismantled the window display yesterday so I put away all the collages I had down at the Green Spot on display. Looking back at all of them I must say they are pretty good. I am not sure what I will do with them now I am mostly doing collages for tins. Maybe I will have a give away!

I was going to create a new background and banner for my blog but I got sidetracked in Photoshop and ended up with this piece. I used a masquarade mask and music sheet background and then added the paper shoes and did the corners with Anika Von Holt brushes and lastly I added the girl on the swing and changed the opacity on her.
Never did get my background and banner created. There is always tomorrow right?

This is my granddaughter Abrianna Ciella. You may have seen her art on my sidebar.

Her Mommy home schools her and her brother and makes sure they always have fun things to do during the day. This is her first try at felting. She is in to owls right now. Isn't he cute?


slommler said...

Love your ATC's!! Beautiful!! And your granddaughter is gorgeous. And her felted piece is adorable!

Penny said...

your ATC is simply gorgeous. Your digital creation is lovely as well -It does seem so easy to get lost in the creating process; doesn't it.
Your granddaughter is a real Cutey Pie - that need to create runs in the family I see.


Junibears said...

Your work is so lovely Patti and the pic of your granddaughter...well..she's a real beauty too. Hugs xx

Healing Woman said...

Abrianna's little felted bear is so cute. She'll be a successful artist someday like you. Grandchildren are the most precious gifts in the world.

Good luck with your tins-they are wonderful.


Salzanos said...

Patti, You indeed got a lot accomplished! Your digital art blows me away every time! And that granddaughter is adorable!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
Please send some energy my way!
I love the "feel" of your blog so beautiful.. I am sitting up real straight like a "Lady" now and feel very precious like your music is making me feel.. LOVE IT!
Your work is just beautiful.. I love the colors you put together and themes as well.
Awee.. Your grand daugther is doing wonderful!
Don't you love seeing what comes from there souls?

Hugs, Darlene

Mica said...

oh sweet.... Bri is sending you the colorful felted picture she did from my blog...The Garden Of Love will be in the mail...She loves her Gramma...Love ya...Mica

DeeDee said...

I love your ATC...and the pink colors... I so wish Iwas good at digital graphics as you....

and this little felting is so is your grand daughter..

Mya said...

Looks like the talent is passed down.
Your ATC is beautifully blended; every element seems an original part of the whole.