Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Strange and Funky

I was going through some old photos today and ran across this one. I took this last fall when my step daughter was visiting and we went down to the bay to see the tall ships. It is a post in the bay with moss growing on it from the wet weather here and what is that one it...a chicken egg?
Now I am certain that chickens do not lay eggs on a post in the middle of the bay. I had to laugh when I took this photo and again when I found it today. Someone was pretty clever that's for sure :)

This is my latest steam punk collage. I will probably be making a tin with it. Kind of funky huh?


Penny said...

Funky maybe - but really awesome.


slommler said...

That egg in the middle of the planter is too funny!!
Love your collage...definitely funky!