Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sneek Peek

Okay I finished 8 tins and one steam punk altered jar to put in my Etsy Shop.

The problem with creating these tins is deciding just what I want to put on them.

This is just one of the tins and of course it was inspired by the hottest trend, Steam Punk.
I created the digital collage first and then glued it on the lid of the tin.

Then there is the decision of what to do with the inside. Should I leave them blank or embellish them in some way. This one has a metal key with the word "Dream: and a couple of gears to steam punk it up a bit :)

For the jar, I first created the collage and then glued it on the entire jar.

Then I accented it with metallic paint and sealed the entire jar to protect it.

Then I bent the copper wire to make the little heart with the cork screw dangle. I am happy with it....well...I might add a gear or two here and there.

I will have it finished and in my shop tomorrow.


Healing Woman said...

Patti, I just love that jar you created. Wow. Your tins are very spiffy too! These should sell very fast.

slommler said...

They are both beautiful! Love love love the tin!! I am a huge fan of Steampunk!!

Junibears said...

I love the tins and I love this jar. It's fantastic Patti! xx

Poetic Artist said...

I like your tins..The jar has become a vase of beauty.

Penny said...

Love the tin and the jars - thanks for giving me an idea of what steam punk is.


Salzanos said...

Your on a ROLL girl! Love these, I can not even guess how well you are going to sell these this year! Awesome!!

DeeDee said...

patti you work is the steam punk tin lots.

artistamyjo said...

Love them both and the tin I bought from your shop.