Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Four Generations. Me, my son David, his daughter Melissa and her daughter Ava June

My granddaughter Melissa and her husband Justin, parents of Ava June who is not too happy in this picture!

My three sons, D'Angelo,my middle son, David, my oldest son and Tony, my youngest

Ooops! Cut the top of Davids' head off....gosh I am horrible at taking pictures!

My oldest son David and his wife Lisa holding Ava June and my beautiful granddaughter Melissa

This hunk, Justin is Melissa's husband and the father of my great granddaughter

D'Angelo and Tony

Tony my soon to be minster. He has a little over a year left before he graduates from seminary.

My beautiful daughter in law Lori. She is amazing and so beautiful inside and out!

Me with two of my beautiful daughter in laws

Lori and Mica

My granddaughter Abrianna. She is the daughter of Tony and Mica and she looks alot like me !!

Vince, my first born grandson and Abrianna's big brother. He is so talented!

He plays piano, guitar and sings and is a wiz on the computer...many times he has helped me out of a jam. I bonded with he and his sister last year. It was so fun hanging out with them.

Donovan, my grandson. His daddy is D'Angelo and his Mommy is Lori. He is so into the civil war it is amazing to watch him pretending to me a blue coat soldier!

This is Chase, my husbands daughter's son.

Hubby's granddaughters Riley and Alex

Hubby's daughter Cathy and Teri his daughter in law and mother of Riley and Alex

Donovan in is cute little hat. He is such a smart and grown up boy for 8 years old.

Okay okay, are you ready? Here she is....my first great grand daughter Ava June!

So there you go...my family.
I had a wonderful time with good food, lots of hugs and conversation. I bonded with Donovan as I have not done in the past. Heart to heart talks with my boys and my daughter in laws and lots of love with my grandchildren. I miss them already.


Mica said...

nice...you're just missing a pic. of Vince...Miss you already too bad we only saw you for a day 1/2...Hugs,Mica

Kitty Durmaj said...

Wow, what a wonderful time you had with all your family. How fortunate to have them in your life. And those are GREAT pictures!!

Mica said...

ahh theres my boy...i love those pics. Thanks mom...love ya lot's...Hugs,Me

Salzanos said...

What a Treasure of family!! Oh, I am so happy for you Patti, isn't it the most awesome thing to get together with all the kids and grandkids, family! I am just smiling here!

~JANN ~ said...

Nice photos.
4 generation image was my favorite.
Looks like
it was
a nice

slommler said...

Such a beautiful family!! And Ava is gorgeous!!! Glad you had such a blessed time! It is always such a joy to spend time with family!!

Linsart said...

What a lovely family ! My heart is melting looking at all of the wonderful pictures ! And the baby.. the baby !! So sweet, Patti!
You are so blessed, my friend, but so are all of the family members to have you to love them ! Welcome home, my sister. Love, Lin

Paxie said...

Such a beautiful and loving family...and big! I love big families and I'm thrilled you had such a wonderful time with yours :)

Thank you for sharing the photos...they are all great!!

Of course Ava is adorable ♥♥♥

kimberly said...

looks like you had an amazing time with family, patti~ the best of times!!! wonderful!