Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was in my office working on some new tins and when I came out for a break this is what I saw.

This is not an uncommon sight here at the Koosed residence. Sampson has always thought he is a lap dog and continues to get up on Alan's lap at least twice a week. Petey has never been a lap dog so he just stays on his bed. Makes me giggle every time I see this.

I actually made 5 tins today. These three and two more for my grandchildren in CA who I will be seeing next weekend. I am so excited!
This one is a baby owl face. You will find this cute little guy in my Etsy Shop. Icon on my sidebar if you are interested :)

This one is trimmed with wool. It will be in my new Etsy shop today.

This one is trimmed with polk a dot ribbon. If you are an owl lover and want to add to your collection, he is in my Etsy Shop too!

Oh and since this is a brand new month and a brand new year January's ATC Swap is open.
Please leave a comment that you would like to swap and I will be partnering you up when I return from CA on Jan 17th. I would love it if you could post your partners ATC on your blog for all to see.
Okay just leave a comment and lets have fun creating in this brand new year.


~JANN ~ said...

this photo of Petey & Daddy made me laugh, and I loved it. What a great photo this is. BTW I have been meaning to take time and tell you I like the new look of your blog and what you have been saying. The chili looks so tasty as did the beans & ham. Keep up the good work.
Happe Nu year my friend!

~JANN ~ said...

you should put the photo of Petey & Alan on FB, I think alot of folks would love it also ??
Petey loves to be a lap dog. look at Peteys sweet can actually see him smiling....gotta love it. Tell Alan this is such a great photo :)

Lori Garbarino said...

I love the changes on your blog! it's wonderful to have a glimpse of your beautiful home! I love you! I am going to talk to the girls tomorrow about the swap and I'll get back to you.

Love you


slommler said...

What a wonderful photo of your "lap dog"! Ha!
And your tins are fabulous!
Enjoy your grandkids!!

Mya said...

The picture of your Sampson reminds me of Brandy, a Golden Ret. we had for many years. Any time sometime sat in her recliner, visitor or family, she would take a flying leap and jump on top of them. She thought she was sharing.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, cute picture, Sampson has no idea he is not a lap dog, everyone needs a little lovin! Thank you for entering my mosaic shoe giveaway, I am wishing you the best of luck and a Happy and blessed New Years!


Judi said...

Lovely tins. Great ideas and what a great idea.
Love the picture on the lazy boy...cute.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Patti,
I am so happy to take the time and look over your blog. I have to tell you, I love the look and "feel' atmosphere.. makes you want to sit and drink hot coffee or cocoa and read the entire blog.
Love your photo of hubby and dog. lol
congrats on your new great grandbaby! ♥

Lori Garbarino said...

Please sign up Me, Tiffine, Miranda and Nichole for the ATC Swap

Love you