Friday, November 5, 2010


Update on my Son is that he is a tiny bit better. The oral antibiotics will take longer to work than IV antibiotic. It has been 10 day since this started and he is making slow progress towards getting better.
Hang on to your insurance for dear life. This experience has shown us the difference treatment you receive without it.

He is depressed and feels hopeless with each day he cannot work.
Keep DAngelo in your prayers. He by far is not out of the woods.
Thanks everyone.


Debbie said...

Somewhat better news and of course he will be in my prayers ((hugs))

Junibears said...

Oh my dear Pattie, what a worry for you. DAngelo is in my prayers and I send a blessing to you.
Keep strong dear one,
Hugs xx

Salzanos said...

Keeping him in my prayers and you too! Everything will be ok. BTW, I LOVE the steampunk logo on top!! OMG! Make some greeting cards to sell on GCU with that.
Hugs my friend,

Linsart said...

Hi Patti, Thank you for the nice post you left on my blog ! I will continue to pray for your son !
Love to you, Sister friend

DeeDee said...

keeping my prayers with you and your son...I hope all is well soon...sending gentle hugs

mya said...

Touch and must be nerveracking. I worry about you. Moms always want to fix things and make it right for their kid's, regardless of age, and right now there is little that you can do to change this. Take care, and I hope there is some solace in knowing that people do care and that they are praying.