Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last Saturday I took my friend Brenda up to Grants Pass for the day. Her Birthday is July 11th and she will be out of town so we decided to take a little road trip and have some fun.

Grants Pass is about 100 miles from Coos Bay and so it took us awhile to get there. We talked all the way so it was fun.
We stopped at a place called Heaven on Earth. All of their baked goods are huge !!
These are two of the many cakes they had there.

This pineapple upside down cake is bigger than a large pizza in diameter.

Same with the cinnamon rolls. They are as big as a standard cake.
Yes, I ordered one but only ate a small portion and Brenda had their pumpkin bread pudding. It was heavenly!

When we got to Grants Pass we walked up and down the streets and stopped into several antique shops
I guess it was an extra large day because t his light bulb was the biggest I have seen. Up close anyway.

Brenda had an idea!!! She held it up above her head to show how big it is.

I just fell in love with this painting framed with a vintage window, glass and all.

Now this is the way toys used to be made. Iron, heavy and unbreakable! Cute little fire engine :)

Just my style. Love it

Cute wrinkled baby dolls. I am a doll freak even thought I don't collect them. I got my last baby doll when I was 12 years old. By age 15 I had my very own real live baby. :)

Brenda had fun trying on hats in the hat section. Cute huh? and I love the mirror

This is a very vintage baby bottle. I remember feeding my babies with one of these.

Lassie and Timmy, remember them?

I found this little wood burning stove to be interesting. Too small to put out very much heat but back in the day houses were small.

Remember these telephones. The ones you had to dial and not just push a button? Oh, wait looking at this closer it does have push buttons! Well you get my drift right?
I even remember our phone number when it was only 5 digits! I AM getting old!

Oh yeah this is the kind of typewriter I taught myself to type on. I am so glad I was able to learn and break into the new world of computers

Look at this adorable fabric we found.

We stopped for lunch and had a Pennini sandwich
It was interesting, it had this stuff on it like ground olives,and we laughed and said it looked like caviar

On the way out of town our eyes were drawn to these most interesting bikers.


Take a close look at these guys. They are amazing!

I have never seen anything like it. Interesting for sure.
We stopped for an ice cream cone on the way home.

We stopped to take this photo on the Sandy Creek covered bridge.

Brenda is an amazing person and always makes me smile. She is a true friend, one that listens and gives advice when I ask and is an inspiration to me in so many ways.I love this lady :)

Happy Birthday Brenda !

She is also a wonderful artist and she makes the most beautiful jewelry. This is her latest piece and the link to her art page Salzano's Design and Decor, This is the article that she wrote about t his extraordinary piece of art.

Blood Red Agate from Tibet

A good mystery intrigues me. I love to watch NCSI, Bones, and other mystery type movies. Which was the inspiration in this creation. Jade from Korea (flowers) frosted agate focal from Tibet, and those wonderful Wasabi Potato fresh water pearls, which I found at ! The translucent red rounds are glass.
I loved the jade flowers which had a hole through the center, thus, being able to "float" a glass bead in the center. The red agate has symbols on both sides, and is thick and solid. I do not know what the letters say but if you do please send me a note! ;-)

The title has the link to buy this piece if you are interested in a truly one of kind precious artisan Necklace!


slommler said...

Happy Birthday to Brenda!! Here I thought you were singing to birthday was the 29th!! Ha!
Great pics!!! And the necklace is beautiful!

Junibears said...

What a wonderful day out you had Patti! Your friend Brenda looks lovely. Where are the pics of you??
I love the necklace too.

Salzanos said...

What a great surprise! thank you my dear friend!! ;-)
We really did have a day to remember. That fabric will always remind us of friendship, and the reason God created humans. To share, and care for each other. To learn in our differences, to have friends is like treasures that never rust or fade away. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
Thank you for sharing your great post.. How fun! I truly need to do this with a friend.
My friends are so far away and actually I have no art friends other then online!
Hard to believe hey?
FYI.. last night I was looking up
"coos bay realestate" and went to the chamber of commerce page! lol
What ever it takes to find fun.. "we are the captains of our ship" my Daddy told us since we were small children.
I do believe it to a degree!
Oh.. my pc was down for five days, I lost all of my pics and it had a deep virus..
I have it back is like new now.. but oooh.. no pics!
Have you been to my page to get a widget to be a part of the Bloghopping adventure?.. It is amazing .. go see!
hugs, Darlene xo

Bevie said...

Oh Patti what an awesome treat for us...I love Brenda too even tho we haven't met in person she's been like you, an inspiration and has always given me pointers when I'm unsure about a painting...I would love to meet you both one day and do a little trip together...what fun I'm sure we'd have...hummmm something to think about!!! love ya girlfriend