Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wanted to share with you that after all the testing and numerous doctors visits my husband finally has a diagnosis for the violent cough he has had for 9 months now.

In the past 9 months he was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia. He has had 5 lung xrays, 5 Cat scans, 3 contrast CT's, 6 sputum cultures, 8 blood work ups, has been in the ER, has seen 8 doctors, has had surgery twice to remove lumps to be biopsied for lymphoma from his neck and his right eye, a hernia repair.

Bless his heart, we were on a Merry Go Round of doctors and tests and were getting no where so he took it upon his self to collect all the test results and went to see his oncologist and ask her to refer him to a lung specialist in Eugene for a broncoscopy. He also ask to be referred to an ENT and so yesterday he was put to sleep and they went into his bronchial tubes with a scope and looked around. They also took a culture and we will have the results of that next Monday. The doctor said he has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and chronic bronchitis. He is certain that his sinuses are playing a big part in the reason he keeps getting pneumonia. He will see the ENT on the 30th of this month. I think we are finally getting to the bottom of this long ordeal.
Tonight I took my dogs out for their routine potty before bed and I looked up at the sky. Here in Oregon the skies are crystal clear when it is not raining and the stars are so bright and you can see the big and little dipper clearly. As I looked up into the sky I was a falling star. It was falling across the sky and it fell for along time. Then another star fell in the opposite direction. It was as if God was waving at me. I had such a feeling of peace come over me.
All of this and some other personal problems in my family have been so heavy on my heart but my faith in the Lord has carried me through and I think that all of this will end soon.

God is with us always, all we have to do is reach out and he is there! Amazing!!



gosh sweetie it sounds like it has been really rough on both of you. I am so very sorry he has to deal with all of this. Health issues can be so scary but I agree with you that turning to God and just trusting that He will never forsake us is the only answer for our troubles . I hope all turns out good and God sends comfort and peace to you both.
My hubby found out he is getting laid off from his job at the end of this month. Yes, life is a scary thing but I am so thankful that God has US in His everlasting care. Happy St.Patty's day !

slommler said...

I am so glad to hear that an end may be in sight for your husband's ordeal. I liked when you said that God was waving at you. He sure is! And holding you close to His heart. I pray that this journey of sickness ends soon with a diagnosis and a course of treatment! But I also pray for healing...for I do believe in miracles.
Hugging you both

Mollye said...

Hi Patti, I am so glad you and Allen are going to have some concrete results and prayers continue for your family. XXMollye

Bevie said...

My dear Patti...I am so releaved you and your dh are finally getting to the bottom of all this...what a yr you must have had...I am loving your blog, it's awesome!!! ((Hugs))