Thursday, March 18, 2010


I received this stunning email from a friend today and I wanted to share this
These photos are so beautiful yet you wonder how something so beautiful can do such ugly damage to so many people and animals. Amazing !

The Sky Before Katrina Struck...

Whoever took these pictures did an awesome job.
And whoever said Katrina was 'awesome and terrifying' is telling the truth. Wow, take a look at this ....

These pictures were made by a man in Magee, MS where the eye of the storm passed thru- what an experience. Magee is 150 miles North of Waveland, Mississippi where the Hurricane made landfall. The dance with Katrina, part of her beauty as she left destruction on her exit. They are remarkably dramatic...

The following picture was taken from the third story balcony of Saint Stanislaus College located next door to Our Lady of the Gulf church in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi on the morning of August 29th, 2005.
This is believed to be the initial tidal wave from Hurricane Katrina. The tidal wave was approximately 35 to 40 feet high. When it slammed into the beach front communities of Bay Saint Louis and Waveland, Mississippi to completely destroy 99% of every structure along the beach for 9 miles and over a mile inland. The destruction only started there. The flooding that continued inland destroyed the contents of all but 35 homes in these two communities of approximately 14,000 people.


This picture of our Etsy Team was taken yesterday. O.C.E.A.N. (Oregon Coast Etsy Artist Network).
We have been together now almost three years and we are growing.
From left to right, Kathleen Bush, Greeting Card Artist, Patti Koosed, Collage Artist, Brenda Salzano, jewelry and painting artist and our founder, Nadine Archer Allen our photographer and greeting card artist, Cheryl, our newest member, bottom row is Lynn Helgendalen glass jewelry artist and graphic designer and one of my teachers of Photoshop, Janice Nist and her twin sister Janet Brock, jewelry and embroidery artists and last but not least, Sue Pearson, mosaic artist. I hope

Sadly there are a few members not present for this picture but certainly need to be mentioned. Pamela Boatright, quilt artist, Linda Laverty who makes art out of the beautiful watch bands she creates and Ellen who makes art with her altered sweatshirts.


slommler said...

Those pics of the storm are amazing! Awesome and frightening at the same time.
Nice to meet some of your ETSY team. Everyone looks fabulous!

Mollye said...

As with much in the artworld, the stark contrasts are amazing! XXMollye

Debbie said...

Awesome pictures Patti! Even though storms can be scary, it's comforting to know that God is in control. love, Debbie

Lydia said...

unbelievable photos!

Anonymous said...

Your Easter collage is wonderful! Vintage-ephermeral feel to it!
You are such a good worker! Enjoying working with our OCEAN etsy street team to help our dear friend Kathleen's Aunt Barb!
Love you lots!