Monday, March 29, 2010


We have some really good news to share this week. Brenda Salzano, the founding member of our Etsy Team here in Coos Bay has received great news. She has been asked to write of Timothy Adams of Handmade Spark. This site helps promote all artists that have handmade items. Tim Adams also gives great tips on how to promote your Etsy Shop and how to connect to the Twitter, Facebook and Blogging world to get your name and your product out there.

Brenda Salzano of Salzano's Design and Decor is not only a great jewelry artist and photographer she is one of my dearest friends. She is my support when I am down and is always there when I need a friend to laugh with or cry with or vent to.

Go check out her web site as well as her first article of Handmade Spark.

Congratulations Brenda !


Debbie said...

wonderful news about your friend! I'm off to check out her blog.

Mollye said...

Congratulations to Brenda and what a great picture of her!

Salzanos said...

Oh patti, your kind words brought tears to my eyes!! I dont know how I would face each day with out here in my life!! Some times I just visit your site and listen to the music!!

Hugs always ♡♡♡

Lydia said...

Sounds like a wonderful friend. Lucky you. Thanks for the links- it was fun checking out all the Etsy items.