Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nativity Scenes

I have always love nativity scenes. Since a child I have love them. I probably have 8 different nativity scenes. When I was a little girl my Mom had one made of cardboard and you could place it on or under your tree and there was a hole shaped like a star where you could actually put a Christmas bulb and it would shine inside the scene. I used to sit and change the bulb from one color bulb to another looking at all the different colors. Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green. It is amazing I didn't electrocute myself!
Check out the condition of this poor cardboard nativity scene.
Nativity Scene from 1952
Notice the star where I changed the bulb. It is torn and worn but I just love this little memory.

The year before My Mother passed away she sent me a Christmas gift and I was amazed when I opened the box. It was that little cardboard nativity scene! I cried like a baby. I am so happy she gave this to me since it has good memories of my childhood Christmas. What a dear to have saved it all these years. Better yet to send it to me knowing how much I love it as a child.

Do you have a favorite nativity scene? If you do post it on your blog and leave a comment here so we can all go see your favorite and check out your blog.


slommler said...

How precious Patti!! I do have a favorite too but it is still in storage! {sigh} Hopefully we will be able to get it out. If so, I will let you know. It is paper mache'.


Patti, this is so amazing. We had a nativity exactly like this one when I was little too. Isn't this interesting, looks like the same type of figurines too. I spent alot of time placing the people in different places with the little donkey & lamb. These nativity sets were very popular in the 1950's. You know my Mom kept ours too and even though it is old and ruggity I still love it. I had it for several years but gave it to my sister to sit out and enjoy. Gosh aren't these good memories we share. I saw one of these nativity sets recently at a antique shop and they were asking over $50.00 dollars for it....but don't you know OURS is priceless. Hope your doing good sweetie - so hard during the holidays missing our Mother's. Thanks for sharing this great nativity story....Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a dear sweet gift. This is lovely.

Mollye said...

Hi Patti, What a heartwarmer your story is. I can just imagine the joy your Mom received in sending it to you. My favorite is posted on my blog on the Dec. 7 post if you want to take a peek. Hope you're having fun getting ready for Christmas and just enjoying your days. Holiday Hugs, Mollye

Mica said...

Mama !!! You won my Christmas card give away...I pickd another name too! Yay! I will call ya tomorrow. Love, Mica