Monday, May 11, 2009


For the past 2 weeks I have been sick with a cough. My doctor has done a throat culture, chest Xrays which were normal. After two office visits this past week he says I have the tail end of a bronchial infection. Humm? I never had a bronchial infection so how could it be the tail end? Go figure.

Anyway as usual I pushed on even in sickness. I felt weak and tired and dizzy and lethargic but I kept going. House cleaning, grocery shopping, cut my husbands hair, took myself to the doctor twice and to the hospital for the throat culture and Xray. I went to my Etsy Meeting and to the Festival this last weekend, I kept my appointment at the hairdressers and had such a coughing fit she had a hard time finishing the cut. I ran to town to pick up the mail and just did my regular duties. I am finally feeling better today and think I am on the mend.

My husband has come down with whatever it was and he is acting like he is half dead. Huffing and puffing and sleeping most of the day and just cannot hardly move. Am I alone in this or are men just the biggest babies when it comes to being sick. It kind of makes me giggle because he kept telling me to TAKE CARE OF MY COUGH. It was getting on his nerves. This morning I said to him "So, when are you going to do something about that cough?" He gave me a funny look and called the doctor.

To make matters worse...he saw the same doctor I saw today and he was prescribed an antibiotic and told to rest and drink alot of water. That same doctor told me to take Robitussin! I suffered with this stupid cough for over two weeks!!! I am so angry. I guess it just goes to show that even doctors know that MEN are big babies when they get sick. Og course this doctor was a MAN. I will be looking for a new doctor!!

Men are funny creatures aren't they? How many of you have experienced this behavior?



Bev said...

hehehe!! You pinned the tail on the Donkey...heheheh!!! Sorry, but I haven't met a man yet that isn't baby when it comes to being sick...that's why women are consided the *strong* sex...hehehe
I think you had the same virus I had...well I'm still coughing stared Apr 12...crazy!!!

readingsully2 said...

You are not wrong...:)

Debbie said...

I just found your blog and really enjoyed your art! I hope you are feeling better soon. :-)


hope you get to feeling much better Patti. I hate those bronchial infections, I always seem to get them too. All this week my allergies have been bad, I have been dizzy as all get out. It has been doing nothing but raining which is both good and bad, good for the coolness but bad for my allergies.
Yes men always seem to get a different treatment than women.
Take care of yourself, I can't believe you did all those things being so sick, I don't think I could have. I admire you.

Anonymous said...

Patti, you are so right about men! Do you know medicine when first practiced was based soley on studies of men. They were considered "normal" and anything to do with women was considered "abnormal"! I hope you're feeling much better. I think mine lasted about four weeks! Still went to work.

Debbie said...

My ex was exactly the same way! Even when he's outside doing something, he always needed my help. Even to hold a garbage bag. It's ridiculous!

I'm glad you're feeling better, hon!

Anonymous said...

"POOR YOU Pattie!!!" Yes, I do feel for you. I was once told, that is why God chose women to carry and bear...give birth to babies. We can handle more pain then men. "Emotionally, mentally, physically and etc. Men are Strong...but in different area to help us out. When it come to being sick, (it's poor me)! hahaha...I agree with you and most of the ladies above... :D!!

Hope you are feeling "your tip*-top shape" again. Love and hugs, Jeannene

~Vintage Nina~ said...

Hi Patti! I too have been sick for two weeks.....I have pushed through it, but it has been hard. My hubby goes on and on about me complaining about feeling bad.....but he has no idea what he sounds like when he is sick???? It is the funniest Hope you feel better!!!

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh Patti you are so right! Men can't live with them can't live without them:)

Thank you for the birthday greetings.I truly had a wonderful day because of family and friends like you:)


Salzanos said...

So sorry you are still coughing. You must be totally drained! And that stupid festival we went too did not help. I feel bad, I was the one to suggest it.
Yes, God gave us the care givers job. Men seem "unequipped" when sick. :-) I make a horrible nurse! You are so good at it, your husband prob. loves all that attention. See you at coffee today!

slommler said...

OMG!! You are so right!! Men are big babies when it comes to pain and being sick. And male doctors are the worse yet. Definitely get a new doctor...a woman!! I did and it is great!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my work and for voting for me. That is wonderful.

Marie Reed said...

My hubby actually puts a bell by his bed when he's sick! Ughhh! SO glad that you're feeling better!

Jann said...

You are sooooo right about the guys--they ARE big babies, which is why they don't have them--the world population would go down to nothing if men had to go through childbirth instead of women. It's funny, isn't it, how, when they're sick, the world is ending. I would be mad at that doctor, too, if I were you! Hope you're good as new real soon! Love, Jann

Judi said...

Oh dear...I hope you are feeling thats a long time to be feeling the way you were! Why were you not prescribed the same as your hubby?
I know what you mean. It is ALL because the world does not stop just because we are sick. Its just that way heaven forbid. Its known that we have to plug through because who else would. *hugs*
Hope hubby feels better too
come by and visit when you have some time.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are not feeling well. The story you wrote about husbands,.. sounds so "innocent" but to me, MINE is the PRINCE OF BABIES! ACTUALLY I TRULY believe he is the ring leader of all large male babies!
If he even sneezes.. he says."oh darn..I am getting a cold"..I tell him.. "perhaps it is just your time to sneeze that is what your nose is for"..! lol.. If he gets a cough.. you can find him upstairs, in bed, shades pulled down, a cold rag on his head, (even w/out a fever!) laughing.. *..
I thought at first his actions were due to being the first born in a family of 6 boys.. as time goes on, I can see.. it is because he is a man! lol
Hope this helps shed some light.
You are not alone!