Friday, May 15, 2009


This is my cat Schvartzi. Pronounced Sh -vart -z. It is a yiddish word meaning Black.
He came to us about 8 years ago as a stray, wandering around outside our 5 acres in CA. He finally had enough nerve to come up to the house and when he did my slider was open and there he was... MEOW! He had the loudest meow I have ever heard. I think he was telling us that he had decided to adpot us. He was skinny and had what looked like a broken leg and a big sore on his side, We doctored that all up and in a couple of days he was just fine.

He weighs 20 lbs and thinks he is a dog. He does everything the dogs do .

When our little orphan puppies were found also on our property in CA, Schvartzi was there in the puppy pen with them rubbing them and letting them play with him. It was as if to say, you are my puppies and he has never changed his attitude on this subject.

He has been a garage cat up until the past few months when he decided that he wanted to be in the house with the dogs of course. He meows and scratches to come in which I think he learned that trick from Sampson. He lays on the bed with the dogs as if he is one of the guys. The bed is to small for all three!

He is quite a guy and I wanted to share him with all of you.


Lydia said...

He's great! I have a little kitty named Puma, who I think thinks that he is a dog when it comes to food, tables, and trash cans.

I love stories about everyone's special beings. You should submit his picture at Chew Gum and walk. She's having a giveaway and is asking for people's kitty cat pictures (

Is Schvartzi built big, or zoftig, or both?

:) Lydia

readingsully2 said...

Great cat. Very beautiful too. I have four cats and they are all indoors. Three out of the four were rescues. The fourth was from a litter at a home. Mine are getting up in age and two are starting to have problems. I love them so much. I have listed different photos of my cats at various time in ACEO form on my Etsy shop. I am not sure if there are any up now.:)

Salzanos said...

I LOVE that picture! He is cool. Will add your little story to my article on Amazing Pet stories!

Debbie said...

I believe he has graduated to being on your sidebar! See? Even your cat names are creative. (Hugs)

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed knowing that I am not the only lucky one to have a half human cat. Mine looks just like Garfield and weighs a whopping 25 1bs.. He is the mayor of the community and not only does he stay in our house, but he is invited in many other homes in the neighborhood because of his friendliness and love for others, including children, dogs, reptiles, deer, rabbits. Kolbe our cat is a love and shares his love with everyone. I don't know what we are going to do when he passes. I thought I would never meet a cat like this again. But your story gives me hope that there are more wonderful cats out there!

Judi said...

Hi Patti
Oh my Schvartzi is a bigggg boy! Isn't that something that you end up with pets that arrive on your property? I wonder whether people leave them knowing you will take them? I know someone who has that happen to her. He is a fine looking kitty and I love his cute traits.
My Abby also who was a stray, a rescue kitty I've had since December just makes me laugh and keeps me so entertained. They sure are so precious.

Thank you for answering my questions about the Etsy meetings. It just seems I don't know anyone who blogs or has an etsy store around my area. Everyone l*ives in the states. Maybe I should search for some Canadian blogs...maybe that would work. I seem to be with such a lovely circle of friends and they all live in the states.

have a lovely day...and come by again..

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

What a beautiful cat..I have a cat named Sadie that I love. He is my little buddy.
Hope you are well.
xoxo Nita

Mica said...

quite a guy. it looks like he is puckering his mouth. Silly kat. Love ya Mama, Mica

kimberly said...

he sooo reminds me of our kitty sasha.....who left us two years ago at the age of 16......beautiful and thanks for sharing!