Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay first of all this was tax week and yes we got our taxes in on time this year! Whew...first time for awhile! We also had as many cities and communities across the U.S,. had a Tea Party here in Coos Bay. We are a population of 13,000 and there were 300 people at the Tea Party. I did not go but my political passionate husband did.
Let's not go there!

Love Heals

Well I finally got back to making more comfort dolls for Patricia Winter's project. I ended up giving the last batch to our local battered woman's shelter. Here they are. One large and three little tokens of love.

Hugs, Kisses, Dreams and Hope along with my little flower lady went out to Comfort Doll Project today.

Flower Lady

The weather was rainy and when it is like that for days I try to drown in creating so I actually created 10 note cards this being one of them. This one was my favorites. You will have to check out my Etsy shop at to see the others.

I finished this 2 x 2 Memory Glass Necklace and had a wonderful time experimenting with my new camera to get this shot. Cool, don't you think?


~Vintage Nina~ said...

Hi Patti! Thank you for the comment on my painting! I am still trying to figure out a name for! Have you received your box of goodies from me yet? If not you should get it any day.....I hope you enjoy! I LOVE your memory glass necklace....beautiful!!! Have a great weekend! Hope to hear from you when you get your goodies!
P.S. I could not believe I was not a follower.? But I am now.....I could have sworn I was following you???? weird?


hey sweet Patti ,
I love the note card you did , too cool with the white boots. You won't believe this but I have a brown pair just like these on the card and I painted them light pink - lol. These look just like mine except the colors are different. I love your art projects YOU are so creative.
Just awesome you make the Comfort dolls - that is such a giving thing you do. God bless you Patti for all you do for others :)
Hope you have a fab Sunday and a good week ahead.
Thankful always for your friendship....

Jann said...

Loved this post, Patti--those comfort dolls are really neat, and I love the necklace you created! Hope you're doing well, my friend. Love, Jann

mollye self said...

Hi Patti, Sounds like you had a great week and love all your little hand-dids. The necklace is adorable. I had to work for months to photograph my glass pendants without glares, and finally read the darn book and now all is well! Peace my friend!

Lydia said...

You've been busy! Great work with the dolls!

Especially love the card- very cool:)

Lydia said...

PS- What new camera did you get? How do you like it so far? Pictures look very good. I'm still trying to figure out what to get.

What I want, and what I can afford are two different things. I have a very nice camera that is sooooo nice, and fared me well while traveling around the world, and on safari, but alas it is not digital.

kimberly said...

your creativity is just awesome, patti....i keep looking at books and thinking....i am going to do that.....i guess i just get overwhelmed...but it is a plan of mine!!! i love it all...and the necklace is amazing!.....we had a tea party here too.....but i didn't attend.....but good for your husband if it is his passion! :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Love the dolls Patti. I love your heart.
love you, Nita

Anonymous said...

Love all of your dolls... and also the glass necklace is really sweet!
You are always such a blessing to me.. Hugs, Darlene xo
What happened to your 'follower list?.. I know I was on it?

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

Hi Patti, I'm checking in. What a fun post. I'm back up and running. Wanted to stop by and see if my links are still working. Love you! The music makes me feel so happy.