Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday we had our monthly Etsy Team (O.C.E.A.N. Oregon Coast Etsy Arrtist Network).
These are just some of our members from left to right Sue Pearson, Brenda Salzano, Jan Brock (who is also my neighbor), Patti Koosed (me), Lynn Helgedalen and up front is Kathleen Bush.

I can see that after a year our team members are growing so much in their creativity.

Brenda is a very talented artist. She does beautiful jewelry as well as paintings and just look at this piece she did using wool. I mean come on! This is amazing. She has actually created a picture using wool. It is a scene for a sheep grazing in the field. I love her work.
Salzano's Design and Decor

Jan Brock

I love the vibrant colors.

Jan Brock and her twin sister Jan Nist are making these beautiful little pins for Cancer Awareness "Relay for Life".
Jantastic Creations

This is Lynn. She has been so helpful to me in helping me with Photoshop as well as how to use my new camera.

She makes beautiful beads, photos and jewelry.
You can visit her site at

Nadine and Kathleen make the cuties cards from their original creations. They call them "the girls".
This is their latest creation. She is just amazing. Now they will take this beautiful creation and make cards of her.

Just look at the detail on this paper doll
Nadine and Kathleen (Beautiful Unsual Custom Cards)

Me with my 2 x 2 Memory Glass pieces which by the way the one I put on my Etsy Site sold already. Yipeee! I will be putting others in my shop sometime this week. For more information check out
My Etsy Shop

Here is a sneak peak of what is going in my shop this week
I will give you details later

Oh and by the way I received my prize for winning Vintage Nina Giveaway
Just look at all the goodies I got. All inside this beautiful altered cigar box.
Thanks Nina I love it!!!


myblackfriendsays said...

How great that you all have a group! I bet that really helps keep people motivated and on track (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Patti,
What a cool group! And you my friend.. so nice to SEE YOU!
YOU HAVE DIMPLES!! OH.. you look so pretty! I love your pendants!
Thank you so much for showing them!
I will buy one soon! So make some real goodies. but then again you always do! Are they difficult to make?

Anonymous said...

Hey Patti,
I love these pendants.. and also the cards or whatever these are.. let me know.. too cool!
Love it all..
I still dont see ME ON YOUR LIST OF FOLOWERS? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. lol

Anonymous said...

Patti you are too funny.. I dont think you 'deleted me at all". I thought maybe this time you changed your background.. or am I thinking of Jann Clark?
WEll anyhow.. I see the list on here.. and I am not on here.
I can sign up again.. unless it is my browser? I downloaded explorer 8.. that could be a problem.. eh?
I am also happy that you won one more deserving then you.

Anonymous said...

okay.. I just signed up into the member list where you can see faces..
Hey did you pull the plug yet? .. you know what I mean...
I bet my wings are bigger then yours!,... Or maybe Bevie got the biggest wings..?
laughing.. omg.. silliness.. Love ya..

Anonymous said...

Such a nice group of ladies! How fun to have such lovely people to motivate and share. Of course I love it all!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, you are so lucky to have a local group. I would love that.
I am going to have to check it out in my area to see if it is possible. How did you find your ladies?
By the way you look beautiful in your photos.
xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

"What a FUN and MARVELOUS time had!!! Loved seeing these pictures Patti!! All the art work Looks so divine. :)