Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I met my Etsy Team Buddies for coffee
Well I had fovorite!

This is my awesome friend Kathleen. She is not only a sweet person she also an excellent artist. She and Nadine make the cutest cards. You can find them on their Esty Shop nadineandkathleen

They are currently working on this beautiful "Girl"

This is Sue and Linda. Sue makes beautiful Mosaic pieces and Linda makes jewelry.

This is Brenda and Nadine checking out the altered book that Brenda made. It is so cool as are these two ladies...
Brenda also makes Nature Inspired jewelry and hand painted collages as well as amazing photography. Her creations are on her Etsy Shop at Salzanos

My newest creation. I call her Belle. The collage is 2 demensional and measures 12x12. She is listed in my Etsy Shop at pchickki

I also made a 2x2 piece in memory glass

Also made 41/4 x 5 1/2 Note Cards. The entire set is listed in my Etsy Shop.

Yep, this what an Etsy Team is all about. We share our thoughts, ideas and progress. We discuss new ideas and feed off each others ideas. The best part is we have coffee and talk and laugh and just get out one a week. These are a fabulous bunch of ladies and I love them all!


Anonymous said...

How happy I am for you to know you have "ETSY people" you meet with.. and at a coffee shop yet too!
I wish I had someone, somewhere to share things with. I only have me to share with. It is sad. I drive to my 82 yr. old mother's house and she really doesn't understand whimsy's.. lol. I really can't expect her too.
I miss the days of meeting once a week for coffee and interacting creatively with my created friends. The move here put things on hold til we this home sells.
Maybe off to "coos BaY?
One never knows what God has in store.
I never really here from Mica?
Do you know how she is?
I suppose she is busy with the covention coming.?
I love all of your items you made, you are incredibly talented.
I am so proud of you!
hugs, Darlene xo

D'Angelo said...

Hmmm! Very interesting! Glad you had such a great time with your friends! I am so glad you have such great people to share your creativity, ideas, goals and etc with! you definatly need to have connections, especially with other women! Once again your work is Awesome, Gorgeous and inspiring. I am sure you already know I adore you, ya know cause I tell you everyday! D'Angelo is so sad you can't make it to Manteca with me, He always feels better when Mom is around!

Must be Great to be Loved so much by an adult son! You did so much right!

I love you and will talk to you tomorrow!

Your Daughter,


Anonymous said...

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