Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wanted to share this picture with you because it is very unique to me but not a surprise.

These are our pets. Petey, Schvartzy and Sampson. When these dogs were born, if you remember way back my story of how we came to have them, were orphans along with 3 brothers and 2 sisters We chose to keep these two and adopted out the others.

They have become such a part of our family. Our cat Schvartzy who was also an orphan and showed up on our property a couple of years before the pups has bonded like no pet I have ever had.

This cat is a garage cat but thinks he is a dog. He tries to eat out of their bowls stretching up to reach the food in the bowl stand. He lays in the sun with the dogs when they are laying in the sun, he goes with us when I take them out to potty before bed, he has to have a treat when they do. It is amazing to watch some of the things this cat does. They are his dogs you see because when we found Petey and Sampson and their brothers and sisters they were only 4 weeks old and we put all 7 puppies in the garage with a portable kennel around them so they would stay put and Schvartzy got int he kennel with them and he rubbed each puppy leaving his mark. He let them lay on him and lick him. It was the most precious thing to see. It was as if he knew they were orphans.

So about 2 weeks ago he started wanting to come in the house all the time so I let him and he has been laying on a dining room chair but I suspected that soon he would be laying on the dog bed if there was ever room for him. Well guess what? He has moved in on the dogs and this picture is of the three brothers. They love each other.

I did this collage for a rack card our Etsy OCEANTEAM is making.

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Bev said...

Patti that was such a lovely story one that's much like ours..and will share that over in my blog soon! I just love how that cat has become so much apart of your life as well and the dogs...we are about to loose the black cat we've had for 25 yrs...but he lays with my two pugs too!!! Blessings,