Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today my husband and I have been married a dozen years!
We met at a flooring company about 16 years ago where I worked as a customer service rep.
My boss collected vintage Corvettes and my husband sold vintage Corvette parts. I used to see him come to deliver parts to my boss and we became acquainted over the years. What attracted me to him was his new bulldog puppy. I used to sit out on the grass to eat my lunch and he would stop to talk and one day he had his puppy with him. She melted my heart and so did he.

We were married at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Wedding Chapel at 4PM. We had a breakfast for our 25 guests at the Rio Buffet the day before. My baby brother gave me away and after the ceremony we had a reception dinner in the casino and cake and drinks to toast the bride and groom in our suite.

My husband actually picked out my wedding dress and we did all of our invitations and decorations ourselves.

We honeymooned at Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, Laughlin where the great London Bridge is, Palm Springs for 4 days.

As with all couples, we have our ups and downs but all in all he is the sweetest most romantic man I have ever known. Our song was"Keeper of the Stars".

I love you my darlin' and look forward to many more years as your wife.


Annette said...

How sweet and lovely, Thank you for letting me share with you 2 on this very special occasion, you 2 make a very romantic couple, and he picked your dress out? now that's just too sweet, and you know what? you melted his heart the puppy was just an excuse ;) (I'm kidding) he knew what a wonderful, sweet, kind, gentle person you where then and still does, just like me....

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful it is to see a happy couple. I love hearing how much you did for your wedding. I'll bet it was very special and such good memories! I'm very happy for you and you certainly deserve such happiness.

Anonymous said...


Lydia said...

What a beautiful couple, and picture! :) Lydia


hi Patti
congrats on your anniversary .
That is a GREAT photo of you both.
What great smiles - you look so happy.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Jann said...

HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love the photo! I, too, have been busy and haven't had much time to visit, Patti, but I think of you often. I hope your December is going well for you. I'll write again soon! Love, Jann

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

happy anniversary Patti! I love this picture of you. You are so beautiful.
I hope you guys have many more happy years together.

And thank you for the lovely comments. Love You, Nita

Just Joni said...

Happy belated Anniversary! You guys really look good together...Patti, you are so beautiful! I like the story of how you met and it warms my heart that you are so in's to another dozen years of happiness!


Nonnie said...

i'm late on congratulations too, patti.....happy anniversary...ours is in december also.
thanks for your visits....feel like i have been mia, just a lot going on with us right now....but wanted to say happy holidays and hoping your Christmas is filled with joy and precious moments!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh, Patti, I missed your anniversary. I hope it was a good one. Your wedding photo is beautiful. Many, many happy returns.