Wednesday, October 29, 2008



All the votes are in totalling 49 votes. For those of you that liked them all and could not make up your mind I counted your vote as 1 for each participant. So the votes were as follows.

Lori Garbarino # 1 - 6 total votes

Jann # 2 - 9 total votes

Jann # 3 - 6 total votes

Vickie Coonfare # 4 - 11 total votes

Angelina Thoma # 5 - 6 total votes

Angelina Thoma # 6 - 4 total votes

Susan Cleveland # 7 - 7 total votes

So as you can see the winner is VICKIE COONFARE of Whispers of Inspiration with a total of 11 votes !
Congratulatoins Vickie.

The winner will receive this 5 x 7 collage of this Victorian Women holding a Jack o Lantern created, signed and dated by me.
This collage was done on Masonite using acrylic paint, a page from a 1923 National Magazine and embellished with glitter. The rest of your prize is on it's way so keep you eye out for the winning box!

All other participants will receive an ATC made from a copy of this collage. I hope you enjoy it. It was made with love just for you!!

Thanks to all of you that participated. This was so fun I am thinking of doing another one for Thanksgiving. What do you think?

Also thanks to all of you that stopped by and voted. This is what made this swap so special to me.
Thanks again to everyone!


On a very important note.... I have three birthdays to celebrate in October.

My oldest son David Oct 30th
His daughters..

Melissa Oct 6th

Angela Oct 17th.

I am so very proud of all of you and wish you a Happy Happy Birthday!!

Last but not least, I did some creating for my Etsy Team using Ocean Colors since the name of our team is OceanTeam Etsy . They will appear on a rack card for advertising our team and Etsy Homemade.


Ocean Hugs

What do you think of them. Kind of different for me huh?


Cookie Sunshine said...

Birthdays, winners and new art...that's a lot of fun packed into one post. Congratulations to Vickie. Your family is beautiful! Happy Birthday! AND, your ocean pieces are really, really fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so excited! Thanks so much. I love the collage. I love your collages for your rak card. They are different but that goes to show how versatile your are. Happy Birthday to all the birthday people. Such a lovely family you have!

Bernie said...

Hi Sweetie, I wish I had known about your contest earlier, it sounds like it was a fantastic one.
I love your new collages, the bottom one I have used myself in one of my pieces, love it.
You have a beautiful family, your very fortunate Patti. I hope your husband is doing well and his eyesight is much better now.
I hope you do another contest, I would love to enter, you know I love your art and own many pieces.
Your blog is fantastic and I would like to leave you an award, which I will send to you in an email.
If you could please add your blog to my link as I'm still not sure how to do it. Thanks Sweeite.'

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congrats to Vickie on the well deserved win. I love all the cards, but I especially like the colors in Vickie's. A Thanksgiving swap sounds like fun. I love turkeys.

Lori Garbarino said...

oh my goodness! I just love these new collages!!! Great Job!!! Metamophis is my favorite~


Lydia said...

Happy Birthdays to your fam.
my oldest has her birthday tomorrow as well. Your granddaughters are beautiful!

I like your Halloween collage prize. The other collages are different. Are those voile flower petals on Metamorphosis? Very cool.

xo Lydia

PS- My other Patty friend who does watercolors has done some collagey watercolors. I'm trying to get her to blog. She's 'NJ' and very funny. I'll see if I can post her pictures

xo Lydia

Buddy said...

Loved your colors...I can see these translated to quilts.

(and his artist)