Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well my husband has been fishing everyday for the past week and just today landed his first salmon of the season. A 20 lb Jack Salmon. He caught it in the Coquille River.

This size Salmon was cut in to 13 steaks.

Here is a smaller salmon that was caught by our neighbor who is my husband's fishing buddy. He keeps asking me to go fishing with him but I will have to think about that one. I don't like fish much so I don't know that I would enjoy fishing but I might give it a try someday.

These are Salmon Eggs....interesting. They are going to be treated with Boric Acid and raspberry gel and then they are used for bate in Steel Head Fishing.

From the smile on his face I think he had a good time...what do you think?


Nonnie said...

oh, makes me miss oregon.....the best salmon i have ever had came from the family fishing trip!....and steel head fishing....another wonderful memory! thanks for the trip down memory lane, it!

Annette said...

I LOOOOVE's a favorite and what a beauty it Dad use to get some of his Salmon smoked mmmmmm, very interesting about the Samon egg's. For birthday dinners around our home it's been a tradation to fix what ever the birthday person wants, one years when my son was younger he wanted Samon and pancakes and mac and cheese, and that's just what he got!
you'll have to tell your husband about the my son's birthday dinner =)

Anonymous said...

I'd say he had a good time! My in-laws like to fish for salmon. It's been awhile since they did. My hubby likes smoked fish but I'm not much of a fish eater. The taste of most fish is too strong for my. I hope he has many more great trips!
Love and Hugs,