Monday, August 25, 2008


We did it!
The Black Berry Festival was a hit.
We worked as a team having a dry run in the park a few days prior to the festival on setting up our tables and canopy's. We set up on Friday evening and then we all put our things out early Saturday. The weather was perfect for the festival and we had a wonderful time.

We all had sales as well as much exposure to Etsy. Not to many people have heard of Etsy so there were plenty of questions from the customers.

Our team really got to know one another better and I think we have all bonded with each other.

There was quite a big crowd both days. There were many vendors there and a band and food court where they of course had black berry shakes and black berry pie.

Here are a few pictures of our booth and our team.

Kae makes the most beautiful jewlery as well as the display to show them. She is a very talented lady.
Hop on over and take a look at her shop at Kae 1 Crafts

Jann and her twin sister make these unique ornaments as well as many other items. You will have to check them out on Etsy at

These are my collages, collage note cards and clay art. I got lots of complements on my collages.
You can see my work at Patricia Creations

This is Pamela and one of her quilts. You can see all her work at Pamela Boatright Quilts

Pamela is a quilt maker and she does the neatest things with her talent. Here are pictured quilted post cards, pot holders, wine bottle bags and the most wonderful journal covers.

This is our booth...all ready for the weekend.

Lynn's note cards were a big hit.

As well as her handmade jewelry

This is Lynn...she is amazing!

She is not only a jewelry maker and graphic artist but she also belongs to a group of ladies that sing harmony and boy are they good! You can see her work at byLynnea
The Sweet Adolines

These cute little eggheads were created by Nadine and Kathleen. Check out their shop at nadineandkathleen. They also make wonderful note cards.
Sadly Kathleen was a little under the weather with a swollen leg and had to be hospitalized during the festival. We called and sent our love and wishes for a speedy recovery.

These wonderful pieces of jewlery were created by Brenda Salzano. She has some really unique pieces made with beads and glass from all over the world. You can check all of her pieces at Salzano's Design and Decor


Linsart said...

Good Morning, Patti ! Thanks for the pictures of the festival and your friends and booth! I am glad you had a great time and sales, and also some exposure to Etsy's site!
Have a great week!

Nonnie said...

looks like a place i would love! glad that you were happy with the outcome and the weather cooperated!!!! and you got to know one another better.....wonderful!

Lydia said...

So nice that the festival went well! Have you done many shows?

I used to do a lot and am getting back into them. It's the Etsy that I have to do. And my camera is not great for close-ups, so that's what's stalling me. I love taking close -up shots.

That's great that everyone had interest and sold.Terrific! Lydia

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, that is so exciting. I am so happy for you. Your booth looked wonderful.
xoxo Nita

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, I just keep coming back to look at everything. Sending you love, Nita