Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Treasure Barn, a place to meet wonderful people, share thoughts, ideas, art & life.
After over a year of blogging I have found it to be just that.

I want to SHARE with you this wonderful picture I took last evening of a young buck and his doe feeding in our meadow. I took this picture from our new front porch. I zoomed in as close as I could but you will probably have to click on the picture to get a closer look. They just ate and ate and my dogs were in the house watching them from behind our front glass screen door. They were whining and wanted to go play with them but I was not going to let them be frightened by my dogs. I love deer and we have several on our property throughout the year. There is a family , buck, doe and 2 bambi's that visit my husbands shop up the hill from here.

This is a new project that I am working on. I have tried to figure out how to make my butterflies look better and guess what? By SHARING my THOUGHTS about what I could do with this butterfly, a WONDERFUL fellow blogger, Linda at Lin's Art and Clay, she gave me a very good tip about using textured stamps on the clay for a more finished look. It is wonderful ! she also SHARED with me, other things I can do with my butterflies so I will be working on this for the Black Berry Festival which is August 26-27. I just wanted to SHARE this with you.

I actually made this butterfly by looking at the red Baccarat Butterfly my husband gave me last week. This one stands up on its own. This is the clay before any stain or paint has been applied. Just look how the textured stamps made it look! I need to sand the edges, stain and paint and then seal it.
Thanks so much Linda for all your tips and advise.

On Thursday we are leaving for Seattle stopping in Yamhill, OR to visit our friends from CA that have property in Yamhill and frequently come down to just get away from CA. We will spend the night and then head on in to Marysville, WA near Seattle to visit my son Tony and his family. On Saturday we are going to see Freedom the eagle that I posted about last week. We are all excited about meeting her. It will be fun to spend the day and visit throughout the evening. We are going to head home on Sunday and stop at Sam's Club in Renton, WA for a little shopping since there are not Sam's Clubs in OR.

My youngest son Tony (Studying to be a pastor), my daughter in law, Mica (Garb-oodles), my grandson Vinnie (talented pianist) and my beautiful granddaughter Bri (looks like her grandma Patti).

So I will be off the computer for a few days. Seems like it is slow now anyway and I am thinking it is due to summer and vacations and warmer weather where people are outside more.

When I get back I will check my email and my comments on this post. I would love any IDEAS you may have on my butterfly and how to make it better.

I have noticed that some blogs have a icon on their sidebars that says "Blogging Without Obligation", myself included.

The reason I added this to my sidebar recently, is because I don't always have time to answer when someone leaves a comment. I tend to spend too much time on the computer as all of us "Bloggers" do and it is not intended to hurt anyones feelings it is simply to say that because I blog does not mean I am obligated.

I would be interested in your opinion on the icon and what the meaning of it is to you.

So there you go...I have SHARED THOUGHTS, IDEAS, ART & LIFE and I am so happy that I began to blog. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the country and want to tell you all how very much I appreciate your friendship. You have made me laugh and you have made me cry. You have given me such support and so much inspiration with learning to do collages and clay art. I am so looking forward to being a part of the blogging world for years to come.


Linsart said...

Hi Patti, Thank you for the mention on your blog page about the butterfly. I just love how it came out! I hope you had a great get away and had fun with your friends, got some shopping in and some R & R. Love the deer ! So peaceful, and to feel free on your place and trust your family is special! Again, thanks for the mention. Have fun creating!

Anonymous said...

The butterfly is very nice Patti. I love the idea of adding texture. I think the rest will come in deciding colors and such. One of the things I've been working on is whether I want something to be bright or vintage and then doing an undercoat accordingly. I'm also working on enhancing through acquiring more texture through color. I'll be checking back to see the final results. I hope you have a fun time by the way.


Cookie Sunshine said...

Dear Patti,

I've left a little something for you on my blog because I appreciate you and enjoy your blog so very much.

I hope that your vacation is wonderful. Your family sounds so special.

I love your butterfly. The texture is fabulous. I agree that we learn so much through sharing, but I also agree very strongly about blogging without obligation. When it becomes an obligation something is lost.

I picked up a copy of Artful Blogging when I was out the other day and read an article by Neda Doany about her struggle with this very thing. I think you would find it very interesting. Her blog address is http://www.papierscolles.com/

Wishing you a wonderful holiday.
I'll look forward to reading your next post when you are ready to jump back in. Take your time. We'll be here.

Hugs and love,

Nonnie said...

love the texture idea with the butterfly....and i am sure it will be beautiful no matter what you do!

i totally agree with your feelings about blogging without obligation.....not too long ago, i started worrying that i wasn't posting enough, commenting enough, returning comments enough....and it got to be more of a chore than a creative release and enjoyment for me......so i took a step back and "talked" to myself about how silly it was for blogging to produce guilt and stress.....i am okay now with blogging with no obligation.....and hope all of my fellow bloggers feel the same....i don't have expectations.....of them or myself. if i have something to say, i continue to love to post, but if not.....i'm okay with a week or so going by, and that others may or may not visit and leave comments. as our list of blogland friends grows, our computer time increases....and sometimes that just isn't condusive with where we are at or we are just living life and not feeling the need to blog about it. :)so....those are my thoughts! :0
enjoyed hearing about your trip....so many of those places are ones we have been, or have ties to......have a wonderful time!

Lydia said...

Hi Patti,

First off, have a wonderful trip!How far is Oregon to WA? Sounds like you're driving.

The butterfly is great. The texture does add a specialness to it. How big is it? That's great that it stands up.

Have you ever imprinted vintage (or other) print or picture? I think I read of a way to transfer the image or print. There are so many ways these days.

I think that the blogging w/out obligation is more commonsense in today's world.We just can't do all and be all to everyone. It's hard enough just within our families and communities. I think we all have to be kinder and lighter on ourselves.

And your other blog is an exciting development.

Do you make your butterflies for outdoor as well as indoor?

I LOVE the trees off in your meadow where the deer come. We used to get them at our last house. We get them here also- we are in the country. We've had stray cows in our backyards, and possibly mountain lion. Wild turkeys love our grass...

I always smile when I read your blog. xo Lydia

Just Joni said...

Oh Patti, you are so sweet and I'm so happy I have met you through this blogosphere. I enjoy popping in to see what your next creative creation might be. "Blogging without obligation" to me just means I'll blog when I feel like it...often there are other things more important to do. I hope you have an enjoyable trip and I'm especially looking forward to pictures of your visit with Freedom! Be safe in your travels.

Jeannene said...

"OK!!!!" YOU Guys are laughing too hard without me!! I am so glad you are spending time with each other. I hope you take lots of pictures you two.

All my Love,

Salzanos said...

love the music too! Thank you for a including the little blog on my jewelry and photo/link. Wow. Your the best! Keep smiling and making your awesome treasures of art!