Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh My Goodness! Today I discovered the most unique shop right here in Coos Bay!
It is called the Mossy Rose and I actually went in there because one of our Etsy members said they had wonderful handmade paper.

When I went up to the front door this was right outside.
This beautiful dress that you would probably see Laura Ingles Mother wear.

This store looks so small outside but inside there were rooms and rooms of so many neat things.
My eyes couldn't look fast enough.
Just look at these beautiful dresses and wigs.

Cloaks, dresses and shirts that look like they were from the days of King Authur.

Oh is a handsome gentleman. Just look at the things in this room!
Knights in shining armor.

This room was full of flowers hanging from the ceiling to dry.

Can you just picture yourself in this outfit?

Oh I just love this lace blouse and umbrella !

I just love this Victorian lamp with the black tassels

Wow what beautiful green glass. This store has such wonderful displays.

Oh I am just in love with these beautiful lace umbrellas! Hanging from the ceiling of course.

The sewing room. Neat stuff in there.

Another gorgeous corner of the store. Check out that lamp with the feather trim.

Tassels lamp. Beautiful crystal pieces. Check out the dress. Love the waistline

Masquerade mask anyone?

Pretty fairy #1

Pretty fairy #2

Fur capes, coats and more

A lovely green silk gown

A beautiful damsel looking out the window, Her top reminds me of Wendy in Tinkerbell

Well there you are. I hope you enjoyed the visit to the Mossy Rose as much as I did.
I will be stopping by this wonderful shop often.

Oh by the way...I did find the most beautiful handmade paper I have ever seen. Made by someone right here in our small community of Coos Bay.


Jeannene said...

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!" I am Literally Hyperventilating over here!!!
Thank you so much for emailing me about your post!! "I LOVE IT PATTI...if fact this right up my Ally and very much my taste for sure!! I will be there in a couple of days so I can buy out the store OK!!

Seriously, will be thinking of visiting you really soon;-))


Carolyn said...

I am having a Giveaway Contest.

Stop by my Blog for details!


Just Joni said...

what a charming little place that Mossy Rose is...cute name too! I could wander around in there for hours!

Nonnie said... kind of store for sure!

Jann said...

I love shops like this--thanks for sharing all those fantastic photos! Smils, Jann

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

What a beautiful shop..I loved it.
xoxo Nita