Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is my youngest son Tony. His dream for the past 10 years has been to become a pastor. He has been studying Theology and taking classes online while working at Quest Phone Company . He said to me not too long ago that he wished he could go to school full time and become a pastor and have his own church and congregation. Well the Lord heard his prayer. Here is his story posted by my daughter in law Mica over at Garb-oodles this morning.

I am so proud of him and excited for his future.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

I never thought I would be saying this... But we are actually moving to California. I was originally born in Washington yet raised almost all of my young life in California. That's where Mr. Darling and I met, that's where we had our first child, that's where we lost our second child. Life became turmoil for us so we moved to Washington 10 years ago to start over. Things were set in place, Mr. Darling got a great job for the Phone Company, found an awesome Church, started a Church Plant, I gave birth to our daughter here, we bought our first home, Mr. Darling got his degree and started Seminary over the internet. Things have been great.
Yet, in our prayers and dreams Mr. Darling had always said it would be great to just quit his job and go to Seminary full time. Yes, we thought that was only a dream. Until three weeks ago when we found out that a dear friend of ours named Leonard
( who passed away three years ago)
left a will... one in which he left his Theological books to Mr. Darling and full tuition to live his dream and go to Seminary FULL TIME !!!
Yes dear friends, a man of God our friend Leonard was. He was fond of our family and had a sort of kindred spirit with Mr. Darling. He saw great potential in my husband to become a Pastor.
Will somebody please pinch me... are we dreaming here???
No, we are not. This is truly an answer to our prayers. The good Lord has shown favor in Mr. Darling... He has opened the doors wide... and we're going to walk right in. Okay so, I said all these years I would NEVER move back to California. Not me, no way, no how. But, truly the Lord has softened my heart to a wonderful future for not only my husband , but for all of us.Opportunity like this does not happen all the time.
Yes, I will go, I will leave my comfort zone, my little homie home which I will truly miss, my many friends from Church and my dad, I will miss dearly.
This is what the Lord has willed... we are humbled, we are greatful for this gift.
So now Mr. Darling is working his very last day at the Phone Company and will soon be a Westminster Seminary Man in California . I am so excited for him. He is tickled with joy and jubilee like a school boy.
One thing is we still don't even know where we will live there... A leap of faith, indeed. Our faith is in the Lord. I trust that the Lord will open a doorway to a new home.
Please keep us in your prayers. I will keep you updated on the coming events as we endeavor into a new chapter in our lives.
Blessing !!!

It sometimes takes a leap of faith

To give your life away

To someone that you cannot see

To whom you blindly pray

Faith is built on things unseen

The knowledge that He's there

To guide you through this potholed life

Away from satan's lair.

Knowing what He's done before

Should fill you full of hope

No matter what the world may bring

Together you will cope

So carry on that journey dim

He's with you all the way

To where your destination lies

To where your future lay.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, I know you are so proud of your son. That is so great! I am happy for them.
The scripture from Hebrews is one of my very favorites.
Sending you love today, Nita

Nonnie said...

so wonderful when prayers are answered.....and in this very touching could you not have faith after hearing this?
what a wonderful wonderful story, and i will keep them in my prayers....i love the poem at the bottom....beautiful!

Just Joni said...

what a blessing...I do believe God has His hand in all things and this was just meant to be...I love that your son is answering God's call...what a wonderful journey...

I love your new header and the subtle changes on your blog...creative Patti at it again!

sallyt said...

Hi, Patti.. Just thought I'd catch up on your blog and what do I find? A miracle! What a darling little family you son and his crew. What a fantastic gift from God for him. The Lord is good to you and yours, why am I not surprised?
Good to touch base again.