Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is my Father. His name is Frank. He passed away of a heart attack when I was only 7 years old. He was 34 years old when he died. I remember a few things about him. One of the memories I have and still dream about is him sitting in his leather rocking chair and me on his lap and he is tying my shoes.

My Mother told me that he used to sing this song to me. I was "Daddy's Little Girl".

He was a loving Father to me and my younger brother Richie. I wish I could just have one day with him to show him what beautiful grandchildren he has and how myself and my brother turned out as adults. He would be so proud. I have so many things I want to ask him and tell him so I guess when I get to heaven we are going to have a long, long talk. I love and miss you Daddy.

These are the special Father's in my life.

God Our Father in Heaven

My Father Frank, Father of Patricia and Richard

My step Father Erv, Father of Randy

My husband, Father of Daniel, Debra and Kathy

My Son David, Father of Brandyn, Ashely, Melissa, and Angela

My Son D'Angelo, Father of Donovan

My Son Tony, Father of Vinnie and Bri

My step son Daniel, Father of Alex and Riley

My Son in Law Dan, Father of Chase

My Brother Richie, Father of Mandy, Jason, Cassidy, Josh and Seth

My Brother Randy, Father of Jacob and Sadie

My Uncle Lloyd, Father of Diane, Wayne and Russell



Debbie said...

Frank looks like he was a very kind soul, Patti. I'm sorry he died so young. My Dad was 25 when he passed away in a plane crash. I don't remember him and also wish I had one more day...

Wow! Alot of Father's in your life :) I hope they all have a wonderful Father's Day! And you too!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Just think, in heaven it will be more than a life time.

Lydia said...

Can I have a piece:) ? Lydia

Just Joni said...

your father does look like he was very kind and I bet you were the apple of his eye. I enjoyed your list of fathers...made me think of those in my own life. We are blessed to have so many special men in our lives ~ I hope they all had a nice Father's Day weekend ~

Jann said...

What a sweet tribute to your dad, Patti--and that photo is a treasure! He has such a nice look about him. He will always live on in your heart. God Bless You. xo, Jann

Jeannene said...

This is such a wonderful Post Patti!! You put your heart and soul into this and to contribute to all the father's in your life too. You are always so thoughtful.

Thank you for your Father's Day ATC. I just love it!

Love always,

Lydia said...

Dear Patti,

Thank you for such nice comments on my blog. I too lost my father young, but had him for longer, til he was 52. It was sooo difficult, and remember him every day of my life. I do wish that I could ask him questions about raising children, ... I wish my children had known him.

But, you know, when God takes away, God also gives. And it is quite obvious that you have been given much love and caring in those few years that you had him. Love in one's heart must be given away-because when it is your heart, it will never leave, but must be shared. It is evident that you share much love.

What an inspiration you must be to your family, to have so many loving 'fathers' in your life whom you speak of so thoughtfully! Lydia:)

Lydia said...

ps- stop by to read about the book I mentioned(Song Without Words), that you commented on:)Lydia

Lydia said...


Thanx for all the compliments.Careful, you'll spoil me:)

Where is your husband's family from? Does he know? What time period did they come in?

Do you have puppy pictures of your Rh. Ridgebacks?My good friend in Kenya had some to protect the property- Lydia :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your father was very handsome, Patti. I enjoyed this post.

Nonnie said...

what a sweet post, patti....he was so very young......wonderful that you have those memories of him. i am so thankful for the father's in our family too...we are truly blessed.
hoping your day is wonderful,