Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is my middle son, D'Angelo's birthday!

He is a wonderful son, Father to my grandson and husband to my daughter in law Lori.
He is also an accomplished drummer. He was in the drum corp right after high school and has a natural talent. Along with his daily employment as the Manager of an electrical company in Anaheim, CA has been the drummer for his band called "New Roll Soul" for a number of years now.

A few years ago he had that horrible flesh eating disease on the top of his foot developing from a bug bite. He recovered from the initial devastation of that but a few years later it came back.

This disease causes loss of muscle and he recently has experienced problems with the control of his foot. He is having problems with drumming because of this and a drummer needs both feet to be able to play correctly. He is a perfectionist when it comes to drumming which is why he is so good. We are hopeful that physical therapy will help but with the loss of muscle it is going to be hard. Training his other foot has been suggested also.

Drumming is a big part of his life and so I am asking for a prayer chain to pray that the Lord will wrap his loving arms around D'Angelo and guide him in what he needs to do to correct this problem .

My husband and I are so very proud of what he has made of his life through all the hard knocks and want to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON!



Linsart said...

Patti. I want to wish D'Angelo a very happy birthday, and to let him know that people care, and understand how frustrating this must be for him. Prayers will be sent up for him, and will be sent to prayer circles all over the world in his name for the Lord to lead him to a healing place. Keep the faith, young man, there will be an answer! Just so you know that you are cared for and loved by many and know that you are "our brother", God Bless !

hiddenart said...

I'd be honored to pray for your son.

Debbie said...

I will keep him in my prayers also. But first, let me say he is another gorgeous member of your family!

Happy Birthday!!

Lots of celebrations lately Patti. What a happy time :)

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
I will be praying for a complete healing!


P.S. Lori is such a doll and she and your son have the most beautiful children.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, I wish your son a happy birthday! And will keep him in my prayers.
His wife Lori is a doll. She has visited my site a few times.
Thank you for the comment on my photo. Sending you love, Nita

Jeannene said...

Popping in to catch up a little usual you are so sweet and very thoughtful. This post is so nice for your son. Both your son and daughter,("in~law") are such a good looking couple. I hope he had a fabulous Day for his Birthday!


Lydia said...

Patti, Prayers to D'Angelo.

My husband is going thru lung cancer. He's in a clinical trial at NIH, and is also doing a natural supplement called Protocel . Wellness and Renewal at webnd(as in natural doctor) sells it. It is used to cure cancer, and also is taken to heal many things.

D'Angelo's situation might just be able to be benefitted by it. People with cancer find many things healing. My husband is growing back hair after an unexpected loss, and his athlete's foot(he's a tennis professional) is healing. Just call them up and they will give you an honest answer. We know people who take it for things like arthritis...

And your story is fabulous!!! Thank you oh daring soul! :) Lydia

Lydia said...

ps- just email me w/ any questions-(I've been into homeopathy, etc. for 15-20 years...)la

christygrant said...

Oh wow, what a brave man. I hope your son will be well soon. Saying a prayer for him now. He's lucky to have a supportive loving family, esp his mom! :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

D'Angelo is very handsome. I'm so sorry to hear about his problem. I'm praying that God will lead your son and help him find an answer.

Jann said...

What a nice post! Your son is very handsome--I wish him a Happy Birthday, and I will add him to my daily prayer list in hopes that his foot will heal very soon! Hugs, Jann