Sunday, April 6, 2008


Do you remember awhile back when my friend over at Red Tin Heart had a Pay It Forward challenge?
Well the first three that commented my Pay It Forward were to receive something from me so that is one thing I did this weekend. I made a clay piece for one person and a collage for another. Can't show you or name the bloggers or it won't be a surprise.

I also did this collage using transparencies. I need to experiment more but the look is very soft and transparent of course

Getting ready for the Doll Show and Tell on April 8th I took my old ballerina, bride, and baby dolls out of their doll trunk after 50 some odd years and bathed them, washed their hair and washed their clothes and got them ready for their showing. They all thanked me after all those years. My baby doll (Rose Marie) was the one I was looking for a surgeon for awhile back. Her body was made of rubber and it had rotted and split all over. I never did find a surgeon so I purchased a new baby doll and put her head on the body of the new doll. She looks so cute now and so happy to be out of the trunk. I am happy to have them out of the trunk too and I plan on keeping them out of the trunk.

You can read more about my dolls on April 8th and if anyone is interested in participating in this Doll Show and Tell please click here Faerie Window.

I had a good time with my 2 dogs Sampson and Petey. Here they are all tired out after I played ball in the yard with them.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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nene said...

Well There,

it seem you have been quite busy dear! Busy having fun;-)) First can I say I love your transparent collages. You are so wonderful at this. I would love to have one of those...(hint,hint)..LOL!!

I love the doggies, they look so cute.


Lori Garbarino said...

This transparency Collage is Amazing! So soft and Gentle, I am in love !

and My little Brothers look so tuckered out, hehe

Love you


Cyndi L said...

Patti, the collage is beautiful! So soft-focus. Thanks so much for sharing it :-)

little chef said...

that college is beautiful. and so are the little big dogs....

i love you grama

The Barber Bunch said...

I love that collage!!

Sampson and Petey are tooooo cute!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Good luck with the doll show, Patti. Look at those sweet babies. I'll bet Sampson and Petey are wonderful doggies.

Debbie in NC said...

I've enjoyed looking at your dolls of the past and wondering if any of them resemble the few I have up in the attic! They don't and I'm beginning to wonder the condtion of those dolls. Maybe in "attic project" I will take them down and see :)

All of your collages are beautiful! You have been busy!