Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is my cat. His name is Schvartz. This name is yiddish and it means black.
This guy got into the puppies pen when they were only 4 weeks old and without a Mother. There were 7 of them then. He marked each one by rubbing on them. He loved the little puppies and now that the puppies have grown into 100 lb adult dogs, Schvartz loves them even more.

In fact when I take the dogs out at night to potty, Schvartz goes along, you see he thinks he is one of the guys and he really is. He eats with them and has to have a treat when they get a treat, he goes potty when they do and he loves to lay in the sun with them. This Big Fat Cat is just one of the guys!


Anonymous said...

I think that's so funny! I'll bet he rules the roost.

red tin heart said...

How cute! xoxo nita