Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Trip To Southern California

Our first stop was in Winston, OR for breakfast at our favorite place in that area called Heaven on Earth. This place is Christian owned and they have hymns playing over the stereo system and they make the biggest cinnamon rolls I have ever seen!

As we come up the hyway we could see the mighty Mt. Shasta.

What a beautiful sight! The rest stop in Weed is right across the street from Mt Shasta. The mountain you see here is a smaller mountain near Mt Shasta. It had no snow on it.

Shasta Lake near Shasta City. The lake is very dry this year.

Boat docks at Shasta Lake.

A beautiful sunset after a long day of travel.

A cute little decorative bush in Stockton where we sent the night and had breakfast before getting back on the road.

I want to use this as my Art Everyday piece for today.

Pistachio Trees in just one of the orchards near the Tejon Pass in CA.

Tejon Ranch one of the biggest vineyards and pistachio orchards in CA. Notice here you can start to see the smokey air from the wild fires.

Entering the San Fernando Valley. Yep, we knew we were back in CA when we saw the traffic jam on the 15 freeway! Yuk! I do not miss the traffic jams! Look at the long line of backed up traffic!

We stopped for an early dinner at Northwoods Inn in Covina, CA. A quaint little place with fake snow on the roof and many beautiful leaded glass lamps....sorry my picture was so dark.

This is my husband and our friend that met us for dinner in Covina. He has been a friend of my husbands for many years. Just a bit of trivia for you...about 13 years ago he was sitting at a stop light when someone shot him in the face for no reason. He lost his left eye. This was a scary thing but he survived and is doing well.

This beautiful lamp was right above our table. I just love these kinds of lamps.

Next day we headed for San Diego. These are just a few of the areas that burned along the 15 freeway.

We heard of this place in San Diego named Hodad's on the Food Network, it is a surfing dive near the beach in Ocean City. It was supposed to have the biggest hamburgers and milk shakes ever, Boy did they tell the truth....notice the spoon near the hamburger to show the size. Needless to say, we were full for days! What a neat place.

The theme was license plates of all kinds. Very interesting!

I am going to have to finish posting tomorrow, You will see our visit with our children and our trip home through San Fancisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, Acatraz and the Red Wood Forest.

When we arrived home it was raining and rained for 4 days. Our power was off for the first day we were home and our internet server was down until last night. When ever it rains we do not have internet service and it is so frustrating! We are working on getting another server but there are not that many options in the area we live in. I am getting messages now that Google is having a problem so I don't want to lose what I have entered today. Stay tuned and finish our trip home. Glad to be home and so happy to be blogging again. I still need to look at all of my friends blogs and see what I have missed since I have been gone. I am also anxious to post the collages my daughter-in-law made while we visited and collaged all day last Sunday.

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