Monday, November 19, 2007


Well I am back from my trip to CA
Here is a collage I did with my daughter-in-law Lori while I was in Anaheim. We spent the day shopping for things to do collages with and then went home and made collages.
I am posting this for the Creative Everyday Post. It is Mat Stack backing with water colors and embellished with old news paper ad, musical notes, and metal dragonflies. A pretty victorian girl with her wings and a hat, she is for sure a #10! I call it "Look At Me Boys"

I will be posting many pictures from my trip soon. Having problems with my server but as soon as I can stay online for more that 10 minutes I will take you on my trip with me.

Happy to be home!


Leah said...

welcome back! great piece there! i love the title you gave it! :-)

red tin heart said...

i am happy you are back. i have been sick and i am going to get some posting and visiting caught back up on Friday. xoxo nita

red tin heart said...

i forgot to tell you how pretty your collage is. xoxo nita