Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm Back!

I am finally feeling better after my surgery 4 weeks ago.

I had 2 bulging discs removed from my cervical spine. They were pressing on my spinal cord and in danger of causing paralysis. They removed the discs from between C2, C3 & C4, C5. Replaced them with a plastic spacer that reminded me or a plastic bolt. The doctor then put a titanium plate in front of the discs to secure them. The surgeon went in through the front of my neck moving my windpipe and vocal cords to the side. This caused a huge amount of swelling and I have had a lot of trouble swallowing. The swelling is finally starting to subside and I was able to eat my first soft food last night. Before that it was cream soup, jello, pop cycles and ice cream. The good thing about that is I lost 15 lbs!

Anyway I am back to myself again and anxious to keep up with my blog as well as reading all of my favorite blogs. I received many get well wishes and a very nice card from Vickie of Whispers of Inspiration. Thanks Vickie.

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