Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

My Father joined the Marines at the age of 17. He fought in 5 major battles during WWII. His best friend was killed right next to him at Pearl Harbor. This and all the horrors of war caused him to suffer from what the Corp called "Shell Shock". He contacted milaria during the war and was hospitalized in New Zealand. He was missing in action for 19 months and when he returned to the states was stationed in Pocatello, Idaho.

He met my Mother at the base in Pocatello, Idaho and they married soon after.

They had 2 children. Myself and my younger brother. He was a truck driver during our years together.

He suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of 34. This was due to a weakened heart caused from the milaira he had during the war.

I miss you Daddy and wish so that I could talk to you and that you could see your grandchildren and great grandchildren. You would be so proud of your family. I remember sitting on your lap in your rocking chair and I remember you tieing my shoes and I remember you bringing ice cream home for us. I didn't have you for a very long time but I will always remember and I will cherish those memories always. I love you Daddy....Happy Father's Day

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Anonymous said...

Life sometimes is too short. It's nice to see you back!