Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our Home

Our home was one of simple style

With a dear and cozy look;

It had the warmth of Mother's love

In every little nook.

Lace doilies and lace tablecloth

Crocheted by Mother's hand

Were placed with loving care upon

Each table and each stand.

But more thatn things our eyes could see

Within theat home held dear

Was comfort that it brought to us

To have our mother near.

When heartaches came and teardrops fell,

We knew we could endure;

For Mother held us up in prayer,

Her faith was strong and sure.

Though years have passed, I often go

Back through kind mem'ry's door

To visit that old home again;

ANd Mother's there once more.


Pfatt Group said...

is this really a room from your house??? That is mine mine mine. Very nice mama Chiccki, and I love the poetry.


Pfatt Group said...

go to my blog you have been tagged, follow directions and post a blog as this.