Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Mother's Hands

I want to dedicate this to my dear Mother Wanda June
She is 82 years old

A Mother's Hands

My mother's hands are clever hands
That cook and sew and clean;
And yet they never seem to tire
Of everyday routine.

She goes about her work with pride;
And though her day is long,
She always keeps her heart in tune
And lifts her voice in song.

My mother's hands are helping hands
To those who are in need.
She always thinks of other folks
And strives by words and deed

To lift the fallen, cheer the faint,
And give them hop anew;

To show them that beneath each cloud,
There lies a patch of blue.

My mother's hand's are wrinkled now;
But in each deep-etched line.

I read the history of her life
An clasp those hands in mine.

Reginald Holmes

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