Monday, April 2, 2007

Say a prayer for Petey

Petey has torn a ligament in his right knee and has to see a surgeon tomorrow. He will probably have to have surgery to repair it.
It has been really hard on all of us to keep him quiet so he doesn't tear it any more. He is so active as is his brother Sampson. Their spirits seem to be broken because Petey cannot go out to play and Sampson won't go without Petey. They just lay there looking so sad.
We have had to keep Petey sedated for the past 2 weeks to keep him quiet. So please say a prayer that Petey will recover real soon and be back out there with Sampson happy and healthy.

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Pfatt Group said...

we are praying for Petey, and especially for you right now. I love you!!! Mica