Monday, April 23, 2007

Goodbye Sara

These are our cats. The black cat is Schvartz and the gray cat is Sara.
Sara was given to me on Mother's Day 15 years ago next month by my son Tony and his wife Mica.
She passed away today and we will miss her so. She was a very shy kitty until we moved to Oregon. She really came to life here. She loved our dogs and she loved Schvartz. He loved her too as you can see here in this picture. He knows something is wrong and seems to have a sense of sadness about him today. He looks sort of lost. Rest in peace Sara. We will miss you. Goodbye my Sara.


Pfatt Group said...

Oh my. Sweet Sara. She was a great kitty for you. It was a pleasure and a delight to know that we made you happy when she came to you as a kitty. Don't forget, we can always get another for you.hee hee. Sweet Sara Love, may you rest in peace. God is good. Love ya mom. She is in a good place now. Love always, Mica

Bev said...

Hi Patti my heart goes out to you having lost your sweet little Sara...we are facing losing our black cat (Blackie) but I call him CAT. He's all bone now..but continues to climb up on my chest everytime I sit on the sofa..and sleeps with us too. He is 25 yrs old and has been a joy!!! (((gentle hugs))) our animals come and go, but I like to think they will see us again in Heaven!!!