Monday, March 2, 2015


I few days ago I posted this piece of artwork and was talking to a friend about my Elegant Whisper Etsy Shop where I have some of my artwork for sale and how to make my tag words so that my artwork is found easier among the hundreds of items listed on Etsy.
This was just a fun piece I did while experimenting with Photoshop, which I try to do often, so that I learn more. My friend told me she just didn't "get" my artwork.

When Picasso painted he had some pretty weird pieces. 
Here are two for example:

  I guess some people didn't "Get" his artwork either!

I tried not to be offended since my friend is not an artist and has no idea what a digital art is all about.
It did however make me wonder how many people feel the way she does?

I just finished this today. Maybe she will "Get" this one :)
What do you think?
Have you ever had someone tell you they just don't get your artwork?

Monday, February 23, 2015


This is for Three Muses Vintage Challenge this week


This is for  Take A Word Sewing Challenge this week.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This is for Take A Word Challenge this week

Plenty More In The Sea

This is for the Three Muses Challenge this week.


I know that many couples, including my husband and myself, write their own wedding vows which is a personal preference between the couple. The old standard vows of in sickness and in health, for better or worse, forsaking all others, til death do us part, is a pretty good promise for what we all hope is going to be a life together.

These days couples fall in love and move in together and  plan for that beautiful wedding to take place with vows somewhere down the road.
 Is this the wrong thing to do since God wants us to marry first?

It takes a few years of living with someone to really learn all about them. Their habits, there moods, there ability to handle things for better or worse, in sickness and in health and some can't handle it and they run away. It is easier to break up and run away from issues in a relationship when you aren't married.

In my opinion, couples that have issues, should communicate and work through all the issues that pop up in a relationship, and we all know there are going to be some. When vows are broken is when the relationship starts to suffer, so when you take those Wedding Vows, listen to what you are saying. Weather they are your own or the traditional vows they have a purpose weather married or not.

What is your opinion?


Even though I had some digital kits created by my design team when I had the Digital Whisper Ning Network, I have not used kits until this past year. I am used to creating with images of people and things and using backgrounds of scenery or background papers using self taught techniques and taking Photoshop Grunge classes. Recently I have seen some really nice kits and just had to try to use some of the elements.
This piece was created with an Image of the lady and the background from Teddi Rutschman's" From Teddi With Love" and "Mythology" Kits. I also used some elements from Itkupilli. At first it is sort of difficult because I am not used to using kits but the more I add to the piece the better it looks.

I am happy with this one.