Saturday, April 2, 2016


Jerry Lewis is 90 today. It isn't trending on Facebook. Or Twitter. Because nobody on social media cares about or knows who the hell he is. To people my age, he's known as the guy who monopolized CBS affiliates all Labor Day weekend with his telethons for muscular dystrophy. To my dad's generation, he teamed with Dean Martin to be as big as the Beatles or Elvis as "Martin & Lewis." But what isn't known is his influence in filmaking to legends from Spielberg, Tarantino, Eddie Murphy, just to name a few. He influenced me greatly at a young age when my Mom told me (when I was on her lap at around nine years old) "look what Jerry Lewis does---he helps these folks out, and its a big person who gives back when they don't have to
 Its too bad as time goes on, he is slowly being forgotten. Happy 90th birthday, Mr. Lewis!
You and Dean made me laugh many times.


BECKY said...

Wow! It's hard to believe he's 90 years old! I still love the old Lewis and Martin movies. They were so wrong to break up their act...

And today, Sunday April 3rd is Doris Day's 92nd birthday! She's one of my heroes. If you've read my memoir, you know why. I sure wish I could fly out to California and join in her birthday party! She invites her fans every year!!

BECKY said...

Hi again. I just popped over to Facebook and "Liked" a few different pages that highlighted Jerry today and this week. His name didn't come up as a celebrity, though...weird. Let me know if you can't find him!